Hurt again. 

This last week was full of ballet things. Not just classes and teaching, but also our fundraiser and a full weekend of rehearsals. 

Due to the fundraiser, I subbed a few classes one of our principals teaches. In the first class, I had them stretching in the beginning. With their feet flexed out in front of them, reaching over, one of the girls noticed my heels come off the ground (hyperextention) and she asked “do your feet do that because your thighs are so big?”

It took everything in me not to laugh at how blunt she was in her question. Granted her normal teacher is a tiny little muscular thing, even though her feet also come off the ground. 

I’m so used to teaching 5 year olds that believe you can do anything that the boldness of this 9-year-old took me off guard. It was also interesting to see the different personalities in the class. The ones who think they’re big stuff and the ones who are eager to be there (and complete naturals that could show up half the girls I dance with. My mind was blown.) 

The classes went well, though, and I had my girls at the end of the day. They did so well, I was incredibly proud. Especially considering how difficult the week before was. I think I’m finally figuring out what works with the dynamics of each class. And it’s great. I love these kids. 

Saturday we had rehearsal for Snow. It was Or second rehearsal, and we were able to get a little farther, which I was grateful for considering I won’t be there this Saturday. We changed a part from last year that everyone liked, and it involves pique turns. Which is fine, I like pique turns, but if I’m rushed and don’t fully think them through I’m prone to bend my knee. I’m in the front for this part so it’s crucial that I do it correctly. I almost got to do these crossing jetes, which I was pretty excited about. I still have so much to work on with my jetes, but they have improved and if felt good to know they were good enough to do this bit. It got changed though, which is okay. At least I was considered. And Ms Munro even apologized for having to change it to where I didn’t do it. But I understand, that’s how this all goes. So many things factor into choreography, it’s about finding the fit with all the different components. I’m still excited for snow, but it is a bit difficult, mainly in how fast it is. I have some things to really work on, including this fast roll thing on the floor. I actually managed to hurt my hamstring doing it in rehearsal. I tried to push through, but it got so bad I ended up having to sit out. I think I’ve been irritating it for a while leading up to this, and the roll thing just pushed it past it’s limit it’s right under where my back had been hurting on my short leg side, so I’m doing all I can to make it okay and trying to figure out the roll so I can do it properly and hopefully avoid this. 

Yesterday we had our first flower rehearsal. I think Lilac is my favorite role I’ve done. Which may seem silly, but i just love it. The way it all flows together, how it’ll look with the new romantic tutus, getting to interact with the other two sets of flowers. I dunno how to explain it, but I love it. I get to dance by my friend Hannah, who I split center with, which makes me happy. And there’s even a part where we’re in two straight lines and Hannah and I are in the front, which never happens. I’m so pumped. I think this role plays more to my strengths, too, which probably adds to why I love it. It just makes sense in my head. 

I didn’t do pointe yesterday, which made me sad, and I won’t do it in class tonight, but I’m hoping taking a step back and then being gone for snow this weekend will help my hip. I see the chiropractor Thursday, as well. Not sure what else can be done for me other than I’m just falling apart. I need to get back to my family practitioner, but I’m afraid I’ll have to go through a bunch of testing to rule things out and I can’t afford it. But something’s gotta give, man. 

Still, I’m excited for this season. I’m hopeful that things will work out. And one of the new teachers, Emily, has offered to help me out with pointe stuff I need to work on, so I’m really excited for that. And hopeful. More hopeful. More solid hope. You get the point 😂

My Instagram page for this blog has passed 1,000 followers, which blows my mind. It’s weird because there’s been a shift here the last two weeks where I’ve seen consistent traffic from these new people I don’t know. Before it would be just in waves when a picture or video would take off, usually because a lot of people were laughing at me. But now it’s shifted to where people are staying and people are telling me how encouraged they are by me. I mean, I guess there aren’t many dancers my age that look like I do that have started from scratch as an adult. There are some, and they’re out there, and I’m friends with many of them, but I’m realizing how truly unique we are. 

And I love it. 

So I’m hosting a giveaway on my Instagram that I’m excited about. Details will be up with the post announcing this blogs publication. Hehe 


6 thoughts on “Hurt again. ”

  1. Emilee, I couldn’t sleep last night and I came across your blog through my friend at FlicFlac dance skirts. I have seen how you struggle with ill health, particularly stomach problems. I have multiple food intolerances as well as pollen and chemical intolerances. A great many of your problems sound similar to my own. Have you ever been tested for food intolerance? Sincerely, Fiz, a fellow adult dancer in the UK.

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    1. I have not, which actually surprises me. I figured that would be the first thing they would do since everything else comes back as fine, but they haven’t yet. I’m hopefully going to get in to see my doctor soon and bring up a few suggestions my friends have brought up on here, I will definitely include this one 😊


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