Two weeks left. 

Including this weekend, we only have two weekends left at the downtown studio before Selena week leading into show weekend. 

We had Spring Break week off and came in yesterday to run the entire first act. All things considered, I don’t think it went that terribly. A couple people were missing, which sort of made it difficult since we were out of covers, but really for us it was alright since we’re all pretty confident in most of what we’re doing at this point. 

The first time we ran it, I was shaking halfway through the dance and a large part after. The second time we ran it, i wasn’t shaking at all. It was weird. And it was as though I couldn’t even feel the normal “pain” you feel in pointe shoes the first round, but the second round it was exponential. This was beyond frustrating. I don’t like when I can’t figure out why something is happening the way it does, and when I don’t know how to fix or help it. 

I got sick twice, but at good time. Right before our part and only once did I get back after we began. I actually had a pretty alright week healthwise, but that’s probably largely in part to the fact that I didn’t do a single thing extra outside of work (on purpose, to hopefully get through the next few weeks) and I’m thinking whatever this is is sort of cyclical. It seems that when I have a good week like this, the next week hits super hard. If this is the case, then I should be okay for show week. Fingers crossed. 

Our rehearsal was scheduled to be 8 hours long. Most of us got to leave a little early, but still it was really fun to be surrounded by my friends for a whole day, just together.  I love this family I’ve found for myself. And I know people will come and go, I know the kids will grow up and more will be born, but I’m grateful to be here. Right here, right now. I’m grateful to have people who love me. 

On my Instagram, I’m hosting a giveaway for a custom embroidery hoop made by my incredible friend. 

She did this one of me from a picture taken during nutcracker. My mind is blown by how beautiful this is. And in the giveaway, the winner can have her make one of a picture of themselves, Or of a favorite role. It’s pretty cool. Check it out if you haven’t already, here.

We have rehearsal today as well. I was supposed to go into work before and after, but now I’m just going in after. This is the role I struggle with, but I have to find a way to rally. 

I love this show, I’ll be sad when it’s over, but my body will be grateful. Such a bittersweet thing, show season. 

Next week is in costumes! Hopefully I’ll remember to get pictures. 


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