Keep your chin up

Forgive me in my attempts to explain things today.
My head is fuzzy.

Our dance teacher was explaining to us the balance in keeping our chests lifted as we raised our legs in arabesque as we did this one move I don’t remember the name of.
It’s like a¬†pendulum. Our arm shifts down as our leg shifts up, but we have to keep it level.
If not, it’s broken.

The way she said this statement hit me.

Keep your chin up, keep it level. If not, it’s broken.
Keep your chin up, little dancer.
You are not broken.
Nothing can break your spirit.
Keep your head up.



I have arthritis in my knee.
At the ripe old age of 24, I have arthritis.
My doctor is going to send me to physical therapy in hopes that it will help.
They did xrays on Friday which I should hear back about tomorrow.
So far, no surgery.
This good.
Still, it’s scary.
I noticed in class Thursday that I was too afraid of pain to try and push my right side very much.
This is a hindrance.
A million and 17 fears ran through my brain.

I can’t let those define me.
I am more than arthritis.
I am more than any ailment that tries to come against me.
And I’m gonna dance, gosh darn it.