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Empty studio

Usually on Tuesdays, I’m only at the studio until about 7pm. This is considered early for me, as most of my classes start at 7 and go til 9. (I get there at 5 because it’s just easier than going home, which is far away. And traffic sucks.) Last night, however, I didn’t leave until…

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No excuses.

This is my 201st post. So that’s kinda fun. Anyway.I haven’t been doing grande plies or any extensive jumps in the last two classes. It’s helped my knee, but I know the pain is still there, I’m just not tapping into it.It’s beyond frustrating to know I can do all these things on my left…

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Missed a class already.

Yesterday I had to skip my 6s class.Well, I guess I didn’t have to. But I did. I think it was for the best. Me knee was feeling better in the morning, but as soon as I started bending it more than just walking, the pain returned faster than…well…something fast. I had my chiropractor’s appointment yesterday.…

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