Month: July 2014

Here ya go

As promised, here are some shots of me.  The first lot was shot in San Francisco back in April, the last one was shot last Tuesday in Corpus Christi, TX

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Candid photos.

Let’s start with a couple of fun pictures from class. McKenna and I.  Some of my bitty babies Baby Ballet Feet Isabella is a 3 year old prodigy. With our class 🙂  Summer classes are the best!

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It’s been two weeks since we last had class, and I’m already feeling like it’s been a lifetime.Don’t get me wrong, the down time is nice. The only down side to the down time is that I’ve been sick most of it.I guess it’s a good thing, since it’s better to be sick on days…

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Went back on my bucket list blog and read a few entries.Found this one. “Not sure if I had this one written down.I know I did before, but I technically already achieved it thenBut now, I’m feeling pretty accomplished that I’m doing this again.Cause, in all reality. It’s scary.I signed up for ballet class.I’m really…

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Summer Break

I have had quite a crazy past few weeks.We only had 4 weeks of summer classes, and wouldn’t you know I got sick halfway through. I had to skip one class all together, leave early for another, and struggled through the next.Yesterday was our last one before break, and even though I didn’t feel too…

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