That time I left class early.

I was really excited to get into the studio yesterday. I know I had only missed one class, but it felt like much more. This week has been a doozy, and the thought of having a good and sweaty ballet class lifted my hopes.

And then about 30 minutes before I left for class, my stomach decided it would have none of it.

I still went to class, mainly because I’m stubborn as heck. It was a full class, Mrs. Alex taught. It was thoroughly enjoyable. But I found myself spacing out and lethargic, my stomach hurting and my back joining in as well, resonating up into my neck, jaw, and head on the right side. It left me feeling pretty helpless, as well. My chiropractor doesn’t have any answers for me other than “stop dancing” but then not dancing affects my stomach negatively, making that not really an option.

I got through class the best I could, slowly noticing the different things that were off about me–inability to focus, forgetting, eyes feeling really heavy (specifically the left), balance being off, etc–and factoring if I thought I could get through center successfully, or if it would end up being a huge mess. I decided to bow out gracefully and quit while I was ahead.

I waited until we finished barre, then went up to Mrs. Alex and explained, asking if it were okay if I left early. She completely understood and said it was fine. I grabbed my bags and headed out.
For my own knowledge, I poked into the second studio, which was empty, and put on my pointe shoes to see if it helped using the gel tips for my big toes. My feet felt crammed in the shoes, but other then that it was definitely doable. I did a few pirouettes and arabesques and bourrees to feel it out and decided it was okay, then took my shoes off, put on my cover ups and headed out.

I got to my car and saw Ms. Munro walking towards me. I rolled my window down and, bless her heart, she asked if I was okay. I explained how I wasn’t feeling well and how I’ve been sick for years and doctors don’t know why and sometimes it just flairs up and this week had been rough. She said she was hoping I wasn’t hurt and hopes I get to feeling better. I thanked her. (How sweet is that?)

I really hope I can get all of this in check. I seem to remember it getting particularly bad this time last year as well. Not sure what that correlation could be? I don’t really have much room for these kind of things starting in two weeks. Hopefully it starts to settle down.

I fell asleep before 10pm again last night, which half the week I won’t even be home by that time once fall schedule starts up. I guess I’ll just relish in it as long as I can.


Missed Class.

I generally loathe missing class.

Even if I pretend like it’s good to take a break, 9.8 times out of 10 I really wish I could be in class and have to make myself be okay with the fact that I had to miss.

I made the decision to forgo class today. For a few frustrating reasons. My stomach has felt pretty terrible and I know using the core so much would make things worse, the weekend left me a little sleep deprived (not enough to phase most, but it doesn’t take much to phase me nowadays) and the drive is long, and I was a bit afraid I’d zone out and fall asleep with my eyes open on the way there. (Yeah, this is a thing that happens.)

I really wanted to be in class. I wanted to move and express and work hard on something I care about. I wanted to grow and learn and strive. I wanted to do something that makes my heart forget it’s trouble and remember why I’m glad to wake up every morning.

That sounds dark.
But, whatever, I guess honesty is a good chunk of me is dark and if you spend enough time around me it comes out and becomes evident.
Mix that with having to fight some unknown sickness every day, uncertain how bad you’ll feel or which ways your body will decide to react or how you’ll handle food. It’s subtle, and I can generally play it off, but I’d be lying if I told you it wasn’t there every day. I just don’t know what to do about it so I largely ignore it. I can’t afford to see my doctor and see about more tests to try and convince them that it’s more than IBS and I suck at explaining how I feel with it since it’s been my normal for a good part of my life. I get depressed, I get anxious. I worry over how it affecting me affects others and if I talk about it too much or make other people uncomfortable because I know it’s hard to understand, especially if I can’t explain it.

I wanted to be in class, but instead I came home and have been in bed for the last three hours, making myself not get up and do things I know I need to do because I’ll just feel worse if I do them.

This sucks.

Yesterday I pushed my body farther than I have in a while. (Probably contributing to the heightened issues today.) One of my longest-standing dear friends and I decided to road trip to Lost Maples (about an hour from San Antonio, TX in the hill country.) And hike around a bit. My friend is super hard core, especially with hiking, and this is something she absolutely loves to do and used to do with another friend of hers before she moved. We both had been having a rough time and needed to get away, but our bank accounts wouldn’t let us go far, so we decided we would get in the car Sunday and drive.

I was actually semi-shocked at how well I kept up. I didn’t feel that she was really hanging back for me or that I was holding up the progress much. There was a point on a steep incline that I had to stop more than I wanted, but it was because of my stomach. The core usage was pushing it past it’s limits and when it started weakening, my legs started feeling shaky and I felt every last pound I’m carrying, haha.
But I made it. I kept going. I pushed myself. I saw beautiful parts of my state I had never seen, smelled the fresh air, engaged in deep and sometimes cheesy conversations, and made a great memory with a cherished friend. Getting out into nature does wonders for one’s soul, and sadly I don’t get to do enough of it around here.

Five years ago, that hike would have been impossible. In fact, five years ago hiking was near impossible. I was really overcome by whatever illness this is and couldn’t even finish the easiest hike. I was weak and lightheaded and afraid I’d pass out every few minutes.
Since I started dancing, I’ve noticed an increase in stamina. I may not be able to scale mountains or even jump rope for a solid two minutes without stopping, but I can baby sit and actually go out and play with the kids without feeling like I’m gonna fall over at any moment. My brain may lag a bit, but it’s sharper than it’s ever been. I’m able to go hiking with my friend and do the “rough and strenuous” mile and a half section of the trail and not feel like I’m just anxiously hoping the end is near, but instead actually enjoying what I’m doing and the work my body is putting in to do it.

There was a point when we crossed a little creek on these exposed stones. My friend went first and I followed behind, all casual. She turned around and glanced at me as we continued on and told me dance is really working for me. She said before that would have been a real struggle for me and I just took it like it was nothing and didn’t have stability struggles. She said my ankles were clearly stronger and not too long ago I wouldn’t have been able to do that. It was cool coming from this friend. She’s the hard core, boxing, hiking and rock climbing, 60-plus mile bike riding friend. I’ve been the weak, slow, lacking friend for as long as I can remember. And I do ballet, which isn’t all that hard core with our tutus and toe shoes. But now I’m starting to get muscle tone, and my ankles can handle wobbly rocks with ease, and I’m keeping up on hikes. In spite of being sick, I’m stronger than I’ve ever been.

And sometimes dance can make me feel terrible. Some classes I leave wondering how I even get through with how many things I’m fighting against. Sometimes my body hurts so much in so many places that all I can think about is all the pain I’m in and all the things I seemingly can never achieve.

But then I get into class. And I feel that sense of euphoria doing what you love the most makes you feel. And it acts as a sort of balm over all the pain and discomfort I feel. It gives me something to work towards and feel good about. It gets my blood pumping and makes me stronger, which in turn helps me fight whatever this is even if it hurts many days.

It sucks missing a class. But I know there are more classes ahead. I know I have this one body that I have to take care of and if I’m not feeling quite up to par and I have the option to sit it out, I need to sit it out so I can push through when the time comes.

My friend got some dance pictures of me at Lost Maples, but I don’t have them yet. I’ll post them when I do. Until then, here are some pictures I got of our trip 🙂

And here are some from my trip to Europe this time last year. Dance pictures were a must and I figured I’d give em to you in one lump sum rather than a little at a time, hehe 

(Don’t mind the time hop stamp there 😂)  

Interim classes.

Yesterday started off as one of those rough days. It was a struggle, and all I could think of was that at the end of the day, I got to dance.
I didn’t so much care that it was in a studio or in a class, I just wanted an empty space and music to move to.

Matthew taught class, which is always exciting. I love how he’ll explain the details of things, and bring visual explanations of proper alignment, etc, to help us fully understand where we are and if it’s where we need to be.

The class was pretty full, with a decently mixed array of people. One of my favorite moments was definitely when Matthew was explaining how it’s good for your muscles if the room isn’t too cold. “Unless it’s so hot you pass out. That’s not very good for your health.” We laughed pretty hard about that one.

A friend of mine from my old studio came to class–her first in two years. It was so great to see her, and even more wonderful getting to dance with her again.
It was cool, too, dancing beside her now. She was there when I first started, being one of the advanced dancers that I looked to and one day wanted to be like, to dance like. And now, here we were, side by side at the barre, and I saw that she was no longer just my superior, but more or less my equal. Though now I also see that in this endeavor to better ourselves in this art form as adults, there really isn’t one more superior than the other. There really isn’t equals. We’re all here for the same reason–we dance to feel alive. As long as we keep striving for that, then we are successful, wherever we may be in skill and technique. (Keep in mind, we also aren’t trying to make a career out of this. Adult recreational dancing is something else entirely. Anyway.) Paige and I were talking before class, catching up since we saw each other last, and she asked about dance and made a comment, “You’ve gotten good now!” These side comments really mean a lot to me, because she saw me at my worst, at my beginning. She was in those first classes of mine when I was no better than a baby deer. When everything I am as a dancer now was nothing more than hopes and dreams. Sometimes you forget that you aren’t still in those baby deer days. You’re still you. But if you dedicate time to anything, it’s bound to improve. You can’t forget where you came from, but you can’t ignore progress either. You may not be where you want to be, but you sure aren’t where you started.

I managed to hold my balances in passe and coupe at the barre longer than I usually do, which was a pretty exciting accomplishment. I struggle trying to hold myself steady as I’m still trying to navigate proper alignment with two slight curves in my back and uneven hips. I know it’s not impossible, it’s just something to figure out how to work with it. People fight worse and still have careers, I can find a way to make this work dancing for funsies. My turns and most of center was far from par, but that’s okay. I tried and I learned and I know it’s something I can do on most days. I’m not worried.

Summer classes are still my favorite. I’m a bit nervous for Fall classes to start, mainly because the flow will be so different for me this year, and responsibility is a thing. I’m excited to get to teach some babies, but still a little nervous. It will be good though, and I have good resources and people to help me should I need advice.

I want to hopefully try my shoes before next class to see if I can get them situated to where the toe pain isn’t excruciating.

I finally got my picture with Matthew, before he goes off to the great big world that is College.

Can’t believe I never got any during shows or recital. Ugh. I take pictures of everything but tend to forget important things.

We still have a few more weeks of summer. I’m trying to get everything done that I need to before I’m dancing on my days off and driving all over the countryside all the time again. (It’s about 80 miles round trip for me to dance and back, which I’ll be doing four days most weeks and five+ on others.)

New Teacher.

Yesterday’s class felt like it crept up on me, but I was excited to get into the studio.

Two of my friends from Instep were supposed to come to class, but got sick and weren’t able to. (they’re sisters.) I’m hoping they’ll be able to make it tomorrow!

Before class started, we noticed a new face in the studio; specifically, a new face speaking to Ms. Munro. She was introduced shortly after her arrival as Hadley; a new teacher who recently moved to town (as in, last Thursday) and had impressive credentials. I was instantly nervous, as is common for me.

New teacher. Do I just come right out with all my issues? Do I stay quiet and give them time to figure it out? Will that come off as an excuse? Do I point them out at all? Does she know I’m an adult? Surely this mixed class would lean me looking more towards the adult side, right? Does she expect me to know more than I do? ugh.

I pulled myself together and managed to keep  my mouth shut for the most part and left all my anxieties inside, keeping me from looking as foolish as I feel and alleviating most of the embarrassment. Hadley (Ms. Hadley?) opened the class, her temperament calming most of my panic. Her combinations favored the simple-yet-technical type, which are my favorite, and great for feeling out a new class/studio. She was great at giving analogies (and new ones, even. Like thinking of your rib cage as kitchen cabinets that you want to keep closed) and explaining things well, as well as showing the combination. She gave the combinations with clarity and confidence, reflecting that back onto the class.

I was impressed. 
And honestly, relieved.

Not just for me and what I would get out of this class, but of what she could be for the studio. If my hunch was correct that she would be a new hire permanently and not just through summer, she could prove to be a real asset for us. 

She gives hands-on corrections, over just general ones, which are wonderful. Even correcting my arms in a place I hadn’t been corrected on before–which made me really happy–as well as lifting up in my standing leg’s knee cap, which is an important one for me to remember right now. I was grateful. (And managed to keep my awkwardness inside and not say stupid things I regret later. yay!)

I opted not to wear my pointe shoes for center. Partially because I wanted to get a feel for her center combinations first, and partially because I forgot to buy more toe tape, haha. It worked out. There were enough of us to cause us to need two groups, and instead of just splitting down the center, she picked specific people to be in group one and others in group two. She put me in group one, which I think communicated to me that she can see that I’m not simply the hot mess I sometimes convince myself I am. That I have a grasp for this. I dunno, it felt good. Reaffirming. Maybe I’m just lame. *shrug* I did decently in most things, and flubbed up others, nervously speaking afterwards which always ends up being those things I lie awake thinking about how I was so stupid to do so. (thankfully my friends are gracious and don’t hold it against me.) There was a jete combination where we went forward, then reversed that I hadn’t done since Instep that confused my brain, but was fun to try anyway. We did a zig-zag of grand saut de chat’s across the floor (which she correctly called a saut de chat and not a grand jete, because there is a difference, making me like her more) 

Edit: just learned that there is actually, like, huge differences in this. (Jete vs saut de chat.) I was told from my teacher at my old studio that the above is the difference, but now I know better! And it makes sense as to why people call it a Grand Jete (leaving off the develope) instead of a saut de chat. Maybe I was told that before and it just didn’t click? Anyway. Yay learning new things! Thanks to those who pointed this out! 

which is where she specified that she wanted us to use certain arms on the tombe, pas de bourree before the glissade into the grande saut de chat. She described it as “Taking both boyfriends, Tom, (she opened the leading arm) and Ray. (as she opened the second arm.) Get it. TOMbe pas de bourRAY. Puns. I love puns.

As if I wasn’t already sold before, I was then, and I laughed in the corner harder than most people probably would, but it was so clever and cheesy, it was perfect.

Anyway, when we went across the first time, I actually felt myself get off the floor in my saut de chat’s. I don’t know what it was, but even glancing in the mirror, they got somewhere. I finished and took a second to let the bit of shock set in, and tried to figure out what it was I did different, but honestly I couldn’t tell you. I could tell you that the second side I was thinking so much I messed up royally and they were terrible, but hey whatever.

As she corrected a few of us about extending the back leg fully, she addressed us all as a whole on a very good point;

“It is your job as a dancer to feel.”

In relevance to this, it was referring to how we need to be able to feel when our leg isn’t straight, or our foot sickled, or a million other things to think about. We can’t just go through the motions and get into a sort of pattern of this-is-what-we-do-because-she-said-so. She had brought up a similar point in explaining how our tombe pas de bourree’s should be like taffy (which is an analogy I’ve heard, but she explained it, so it clicked with me) and not just singular movements. It’s should be an entire phrase, not just separate words put together. And it’s our job to feel if we are doing that or not.

Similar to corrections that inspired me to start this blog in the first place, (for you newbies, it used to be called “Everything I need to know about life I learned in ballet class.”) This resonated deeper with me.

It’s our job as dancers to feel. Not only the placement of various body parts, but to express emotions. Our chosen art for happens to use ourselves as the medium, and in such we are required to express; to feel. I realized that even though I’ve told myself over the years that letting myself feel is bad, and though I’ve gotten better about it, I still hold back.

But it’s okay. It’s safe. And, quite honestly, it’s necessary.
I don’t owe anybody anything. I don’t owe them attention, explanations, time. I can and do give it, but I don’t owe it. I feel what I do, and I don’t have to explain it or justify it.
I’m pretty sure I’ve realized something similar before, but this really resonated with me.

I left the class feeling great, and excited to have her. She’s teaching again next Monday, and I’m looking forward to it.

Mrs. Alex showed me the teaching schedule to see if I am good for the classes they have me down for tentatively. They’re good for me, which is exciting. I do have two Saturday classes, which will be interesting since they are more rambunctious, but it’ll be good.
It hit me that I now have recital pieces to choreograph and costumes to pick out and lesson plans to come up with. I’ve got a lot of researching to do in the next month and a game plan to come up with. I’m grateful to have had the summer so as to be able to get a feel for what to expect, as well as which tactics are effective and what I should try. Laying the groundwork is so important.

Once again, I have failed to get pictures. I think I just get nervous and afraid of judgement. Hah.
I don’t want to be that vain person. But I know if I don’t do it, no one will.
The struggle.

I hope y’alls weeks have started off well!

Back at it again. 

It feels like I’ve been out of class for months, when really it’s barely been two weeks. If that. Nonetheless I’m blogging this while icing my ankle and listening to a sweet Romeo and Juliet vinyl my friend Annika got me 😊

My foot was still a little swollen, but not near as badly as it has been. And it was to the point where I can keep a sock on it and not feel as itchy. Downside is my stomach has been angry, and I wasn’t sure if I could get through a class without getting sick. I’m not sure what to do about it except just endure through, so that’s what I do. I want sure if I was going to be too dehydrated to really dance, but it didn’t seem to be a problem. Either that or my stomach hurt enough for me not to notice the dehydration. 

I grabbed my leotard I got in The Woodlands last week to wear for class. I was really excited about it. I didn’t factor in anything when I picked the pants and shirt to wear over it to and from class. So I ended up having my boots I wore to work, with a gap between my purple yoga pants and shoes that showed my tights. Then my Every Ella shirt that had my 3/4 leotard sleeves poking out. 

I am so fashion forward.

Just kidding. 

Class started out decent enough, though my stomach was getting angry from using our core so much. It took a bit of mental focus away from what I was doing, which Mrs Alex corrected a time or two. I was glad, too, because I had forgotten to think about it, and I need to be thinking about it. (Turn out and keeping my hyperextention in check.) 

She explained transitioning between arm positions, which I’ve always wondered about. She explained it in such a way that was so understandable. I was grateful. I tried implementing it as much as I could, but it will take some work. 

I tried my new pointe shoes and, as predicted, they were a smidge too small. But I think they’re doable. I think I can tape my toe to curb the pain and make this pair work, then just get the next size up next time. Regardless of that, the fit was so wonderful. It was so supportive and shaped so well to my foot. And not having the super hard shank made it so much easier to balance on one flat foot without the extra thickness. I wanted to cry out of happiness. I didn’t keep them on the whole time as the pain on my toe was a bit much. But I was able to attempt an arabesque and pirouette successfully, so that was exciting. 

I was able to talk to Mrs Alex about the festival email and ask her what she thought I should do while I wait for timing to ask my boss if I can go. I hadn’t seen her in what seemed like months but really had only been a few weeks. It was so great to get to talk to her a little bit. I got so excited I’m pretty sure I rambled a lot and was talking really fast, but she is gracious 😂

It was great to be back in class, even with the pain and discomfort my body puts me through. I love ballet. I love dance. I love being around such wonderful people as the ones in today’s class. New and old. Summer classes are some of my favorites. 

I forgot to get a picture of my leotard in class (again) but I did get one in the mirror 

And I finally got a picture with Matthew! But I’ll save it for my blog post after his class next Wednesday. (Because I don’t hate him. So I’ll be there. 😉) 

All in all, this class did me good. My body, my heart, my spirit, my mind. A much-anticipated reset. 

I hope you all are doing well in your classes or recoveries. Much love to you all! 

Missed class. 

I was supposed to be back in class yesterday, havin already missed last weeks class being out of town. But on Thursday, something bit the bottom and side of my foot, causing it to swell and itch terribly. 

This happened before. Last year, once on one foot and again on both. It last about three days before calming down. Last time it but the tip of my toe as well, and I didn’t notice until ballet class. Talk about miserable. 

This time it got the side of my left foot, as well as the heel and on my leg as well. Thankfully I’ve been able to walk around on Demi pointe sort of successfully. (At least, after the second day.)

I was able to sew my shoes on Sunday, just in case it was calmed down enough to dance yesterday. I brought my stuff to work, as well, in hopes id be able to go, but knowing I more than likely wouldn’t be able to. 

Turns out I had to put in some over time anyway, so I didn’t go to class in hopes it’ll be better by Wednesday. (It’s still itching and a little painful today.)

Whatever bit me, I’m definitely allergic. Not enough to close off airways or anything scary, but enough to hold my life up a bit. 

I got an email inviting me to take part in our annual festival. It’s the national festival, so they want an answer earlier to try and get everything into place. I want to go so badly, but it’s at the tail end of tax season. Technically after April 15th, but when we still have lots going on. And I’d be gone for a week. I have to ask my boss, but we have a deadline Friday so I don’t want to make her mad asking about this now. But, of course, ballet wants to know by Friday if we can go… Sigh. I’m gonna try to talk to someone Wednesday to see if I can get an extension to see if I can go. I’ve been waiting for the national one to go and I only want to go once. I mean, I’d like to go more but it’s just not feasible to do every year. But I would like to have the experience. We’ll see what comes of it. I’m trying not to get my hopes up, but I’m at least asking. 

As for today, I’m icing my foot every chance I get so I don’t think about how badly it itches, to avoid making it worse. It seems to be lasting longer this time than last, and I’m over it. I’m really hoping it doesn’t happen again. It’s been in my sleep each time, so we aren’t entirely sure what it is biting me, though we think it’s maybe an ant or a spider. 

Hope yalls week is off to wonderful starts! 

Summer Shoe Fitting

In the last few posts (from the summer) I’ve talked about my pointe shoe issues, to which a few of you beauties suggested a dance forum with a lady who evaluates feet for shoes via pictures. I took y’all up on it and sent my pictures to her and had her evaluate my shoes, with the fitting happening yesterday.

This is that story.

(Apparently I’ve been watching too much Law & Order. Oops.)
(hopefully at least one person read that the way it went in my head to make it make sense)

My friend Annika and I (with Natalia on the first day) drove up to The Woodlands (near Houston) for a concert. (about a 3.5 hour drive.) There’s a great dance store down the road from where we were, Jazz Rags, so I called for a pointe shoe fitting appointment for the day after the concert. I had been in this store on a whim once before a few years ago, before I was en pointe, and they told me about their fittings and I was very hopeful. Plus, Annika had gone back in May and had great success there.

We were a little early, so we looked around the store at all the leotards and ballet gear they have (literally anything you can think of. Is this dancer heaven? Quite possibly. Self control was really difficult) then went up for the fitting around 3.

Hannah helped us, and she was wonderful. I always find myself getting really nervous to go to pointe shoe fittings for a number of reasons.
1.) I’m old. You typically find dancers at my level to be, like, twelve, so I tend to take people by surprise. Or they expect me to be freaking awesome since if this were a career I’d be seeing the end more than any beginnings.
2.) I don’t “look like a dancer.” Again, the stereotype of the perfect ballet body is far from what I have.
3.) I’m awkward as heck. Because I don’t know how said person is going to respond to 1.) and 2.)

Hannah wasn’t phased. She was incredibly helpful and even enthusiastic about the prospect of helping me out. I told her about the shoes I’ve tried, the shoes I’m in now, about Ms. Clara and her recommendations, and we went to town. She brought out the recommended shoes as well as others just for kicks and clarity. We discussed toe pads options and everything we could try to try and get a good fit and the most comfort possible.

We tried the Russian Rubins first (the most recommended shoe by Ms. Clara) which also happened to be one of Hannah’s favorite shoes.

She tends to favor the V-cut but agreed that the U-cut was better for me.

(Don’t mind my rolled up jeans)
I really appreciated her honesty. She wasn’t just out to make a sale, but to get me the best fit out there.

(This is the fabulous Hannah! Hope she doesn’t mind that I put her face on the interwebz…)
(Here’s some of the other shoes, though I don’t remember what is what because I think I tried on half of their stock.)

The other recommendations were the Bloch Heritage, but they paled in comparison to the Rubin’s. There were a few other Russian Pointe brands that were decent, but the difference was minuscule, so I stuck with the Rubins. They seemed to look better, too.

I was impressed with how I even felt lifted in the shoe. Many times I’d try one on, go up en pointe, and feel how I felt like I was fighting the shoe. Hannah even told me she could see certain ones were holding me back. Before stating her opinion, she would ask me what I thought of them, which was cool to see what I felt was also what she was seeing and gave me a better understanding of the complications that is trying to find the right pointe shoes. I was also really grateful to try on the other suggestions to know what the feel like, what is out there, and to feel the difference between what was okay and what was great. There was even this really cool shoe from Bloch that has a split sole but a full shank. They felt cool, but weren’t as good as the Rubin’s. Still, they were fun to try. I feel like I was able to get a better understanding of my feet and of pointe shoes through this fitting, which I greatly appreciate. (plus, Hannah has her own experience in these bad boys, so she knows the struggle and the importance of a good shoe.)

Towards the end, I put on my current shoes, just to show her. I went on pointe and sunk in to them so badly, I said, “I don’t even know how I danced in these.” Hannah responded, “Honestly, I don’t either. That just seems like a lot of shoe.”

I was so so so incredibly happy with how the fitting went. I felt so comfortable there and Hannah was so helpful and kind, not to mention informative. She also had all my favorite elastics and ribbons. She even pulled out her drawer of secrets to try and see if there were any tricks in there to help with the pain I tend to get on my big toe. I’ve never had someone try so hard to help me. (Although the Capezio fitting was pretty great. They still get major props, too.)

I also found me a great new leotard I hope to wear to Monday’s class, though I’m a bit nervous about the class itself. I’ve gotten so used to Adult Ballet that these mixed interim classes make me a little hesitant to be super thrilled. But I’m sure it’ll be okay. Just a bit of a different environment. And as long as I’m aware it should be okay. Take the class for me, right?

I’m sewing the shoes on Sunday so hopefully I can try them out on Monday. I’m really hoping the sizing is okay, since before my feet have been too cold at the fitting. But those were also rather rushed fittings and this one wasn’t rushed at all.

If y’all are ever in the Houston area and need a good fitting, call up Jazz Rags. They’re by appointment, but it’s more than worth it.

And, here is Annika, helping me out with the sweet photos

Featuring me looking drunk

Also, they had theatre seats. Which was really cool.

I’ll update y’all again after I try them out in class!