Month: May 2015


I’m beginning to go crazy, not having dance classes. My body is angry about it and my muscles are protesting.But I’m using the time to see some friends and get things done. So that’s nice.(And still remaining active. It helps that I’m cat/dog sitting most of the time so I actually have floor space to…

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I really want to write this post, but I’m finding myself a little cloudy in the mind. I first noticed it last night, and woke up feeling like I got hit by a truck, so I’m going to attempt to write this out but if it’s a little off, forgive me. Last night was the…

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Epiphany about previous post.

While sorting through pictures and talking to one of my dance friends, Annika, I think I have come to at least a partial conclusion as to why I seem to have this mindset about my dancing ability. When I danced as a kid, my parents always came.They’d sit through the recital, they’d bring flowers, they’d…

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“Emilee’s a good dancer I dont know why she doesn’t think so cause she is” My friend sent me this quote from her sister last night.Why is it that my first response–after how adorable her sister is–was “Who said I though that?” But then I realized that I probably didn’t even realize I said it.…

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Post-show blues

I’m finding myself having a hard time dealing with the fact that Oz is over.Maybe it’s a bit more extreme since the studio is also finished with classes until the summer session begins (which isn’t until June.) and I don’t yet have the means to really practice at home. I knew I’d miss the show,…

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How you got there.

I was re-reading through some of the blog posts of when Oz first began rehearsing today. I really wanted to see the difference from when it began to when it ended. Now that it’s just a memory, there are certain set things I’ll subconsciously choose to remember over others, and this show has had no shortage…

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Your happiness is yours.

“Are you still on that high?”My teacher asked me when she saw me today.I simply said, “Mostly!” to avoid bringing up the thing that had wavered the high slightly.I knew she knew. I don’t know if she knew I knew.Regardless, everyone within earshot had no business knowing, so I played it off. For some reason,…

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Just a few things I want to remember. Seeing Ms. Munro watching and smiling from the wings as we danced Crows. Elizabeth joking about getting caught on stage at the start of Act 2 and hiding behind Abby’s throne and popping out when we turned Abby around or being Abby’s arms from behind, etc. Actually…

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Here are some of those pictures other people took for me.  There’s a special place in heaven for these people. And definitely a special place in my heart. I love my company, I love my studio, I love my teachers, I love my friends. I love my life

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Wizard of Oz–Beeville

Occasionally, our company will take our show on the road for an extra performance in a town called Beeville; about an hour away. It doesn’t happen every year, but this year we were given the opportunity. I found out quickly that this is met with many complaints; some logical, some unnecessary.See, the stage is smaller.…

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