Month: February 2018

Celebrate your victories.

Like much of the world, I’ve been watching the Olympics when I can. Not as much as I’d like to since I don’t have the channels, but I’ve conveniently been dog-sitting at the opening and closing, so I’ve been able to catch a few of my favorite events. I don’t remember watching all of figure…

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Blogging awards.

Over the past month and a half, I have been nominated for a blogging award by two different, extremely kind fellow-blogger friends. I rarely have time to get on my laptop, so it’s taken me a bit to actually get around to “accepting” this aware (Read: posting this blog) but I ask you please forgive…

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I used to dream of one day dancing ballet. Of working hard and earning pointe shoes and dancing on stage in beautiful costumes. Then I decided to start classes and work towards that dream. Slowly, I started progressing. Slowly, I started taking more classes. Two years in, I earned pointe shoes and started the work…

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