Month: September 2014

Pointe Shoe Fitting

Once upon a time I entered this contest and somehow actually won and thought it was a scam, but then it wasn’t. (A little update from that post: Dianne had emailed me and asked if it would be better for me to go to the Austin store instead of the Dallas store, so I got to cut…

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I was really hopeful that I would be able to make it through the entire class yesterday, but alas: Stupid ankle.It’s not that it was necessarily hurting, but about 10 minutes in to barre, it started doing this weird thing where I could feel it grinding or crunching or however you want to describe it.I…

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oh so many.

Sometimes I write in my other blog about dance things.It’s hard to keep it all segregated sometimes.My life has many facets.So, if you wanna read it, there’s the link. Love, Peace, and Chicken Grease.

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Happy Birthday to me.

Last night I spent the evening of my 26th birthday at ballet.By choice.And I regret nothing.Our teacher wasn’t feeling well, so we had one of the principals subbing. As horrible as it sounds, I was glad to not have our regular teacher on my birthday. And I was excited to have someone new; a fresh outlook…

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New teacher

I absolutely love my Thursday class.Ms. Lori has been subbing the Advanced Ballet class, so this last week was only our second time to have her teach us.She’s so down to earth and kind, she’s human and accepts the fact that we are as well.She doesn’t expect us to be perfect, but does expect us to…

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Nutcracker Auditions

Saturday was the day for our studio’s Nutcracker auditions.It is actually hosted by two different studios, one that has a company attached, and anyone from any studio can audition, but for some reason no one in my old studio ever did–while I was there, at least. (Except Addie, until she moved to California ]: )I…

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There will be blood.

Had my first “blood draw” at the new studio.okay, okay, so there wasn’t really blood…but there was loss of skin, so that’s something. Now this is gross and kind of pointless, but it really made me happy. My feet are starting to look like dancer feet.They’re forming callouses and rough spots and toe nails are starting…

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I don’t wanna go.

I’m gonna be real honest Last night, I didn’t want to go to ballet class.I had a emotionally rough weekend, and was having an extreme case of the monday’s–apparently bad enough that my co worker bought us mini blizzard’s on her way in. It seemed like Monday was just kickin’ everyone’s but yesterday.Days like these can…

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Take a step back.

My shoes are still giving me a bit of trouble, but I kept them on the whole class since I can do more on those than the others that kill my toes.(I mean, I know pointe is supposed to hurt, but those are ridiculous…)The box and my toes were fine, just the normal amount of…

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