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Updates (and pictures, hi)

I haven’t been posting as much because life is pretty overwhelming and sometimes that can spill over into the dance section of life.I know much of this is temporary, so I’m trying to just get through the best I can with the least casualties. A few updates, though: Yesterday in the Jazz V’s class, I…

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"I can stay."

I think my shoes are dead, but I don’t have time to sew new ones. I might figure out time somehow. I guess I kind of have to, huh?Yesterday was our V’s class, which I really like, but it was a bit of a struggle. My pirouettes are still lacking and our teacher was getting…

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Titles are hard.

My brain is pretty clouded due to a pretty rough day yesterday, but I really want to write about class because it was wonderful. Abby taught our first class, the ballet class.The only class I’ve ever taken with Abby was the first Variations class, but I have watched several of the classes she taught before…

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