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Third Private Lesson

Because Abby is awesome, she squeezed in one more private lesson before these last two classes of mine before I leave Friday for Europe. I had told her about my pirouette struggles, so she told me to make sure I had my pointe shoes with me. Lillian was able to come, too, which made it…

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Saturday’s private lesson.

Saturday, I had my second private lesson with Abby.I met her at her house, where she has just about every type of tool for ballet improvement that you can imagine. She had spoken of wanting to get me on this thing called a Bosu, but I had no idea what it was or why it…

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Day two.

The Airess are out.I don’t know how it is that pointe shoes feel one way in the store, and another in the studio, but it seems to happen to me really often.Sadly, it’s money down the drain for me. Maybe I should have taken more time or care in the fitting? I don’t know. Whatever,…

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