Month: December 2017

Nutcracker 2017: Week Two

I’m living in denial that Nutcracker is already over for this year. I’ve learned and grown in ways I never expected, and for which I am so beyond grateful. I got to dance among legends from our company, counted among their fold. I got to hear incredible stories of the days when our guest artists…

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Nutcracker 2017: Week One.

Things are always changing; progressing. I know this. I’ve known this for a long time. But knowing it doesn’t necessarily mean you understand fully what all you will face in the progression, namely on the emotional side. In the years past that I’ve done nutcracker, I’ve been in roles dancing alongside the company dancers that…

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First class since July.

I told y’all I’d have a post of the class I took last week, and here I am just now getting to write it My apologies. Safe to say life has been a little hectic, but better late than never I suppose. My back decides last Wednesday was the perfect day to hurt more than…

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