Month: February 2013

Remember to breathe.

I have a horrible habit.When I focus really hard, I forget to breathe.Whether it be while crocheting, reading, watching the turning point in a movie, something super specific…Anything that demands my full attention.Sometimes I’ll be on a long black train of thoughts and realize I’m not breathing. It’s worst when I dance.Trying to remember everything;…

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When life is hard.

Recently in class, Jilissa has been working us pretty hard.We’ve all gotten to the point where we’re pretty level  in skill, so she’s been throwing new stuff at us and really pushing us.Before, I probably would freak out at the fact that it’s new and I can’t do it, but recently that hasn’t been the…

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let it go and move on.

Jilissa pointed out that sometimes we seem to get caught up on one move we can’t master.It’ll ruin the rest of our day.she suggested just putting it out of your head. Take that move, that sequence, whatever it is you can’t seem to get. Accept it, put it to the side and keep going. you…

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