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Wizard of Oz–Beeville

Occasionally, our company will take our show on the road for an extra performance in a town called Beeville; about an hour away. It doesn’t happen every year, but this year we were given the opportunity. I found out quickly that this is met with many complaints; some logical, some unnecessary.See, the stage is smaller.…

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When I did theater in High School, I tended to get understudy roles.Such is the curse of responsible students, and ones who won’t complain until you give them a part.(and it probably didn’t help that I was insecure and didn’t speak up. How times have changed.) Point is, I learned so many valuable lessons being…

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They said I earned it.

We had our second Crows rehearsal on Friday.I wasn’t expecting all of the girls to be there, since one of them told me she wouldn’t be able to make it, but they all showed up. We were able to teach the two girls who had missed last time the dance and changed up one part…

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