Month: March 2015

Pull it together.

Ms. Lori choreographed a dance for the girls who are at festival, so I didn’t expect her to be in class yesterday since the girls left Wednesday. But she stayed behind and took off today instead, thus being in class to teach us.It was so great having her, especially with the recital piece and more…

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It’s heart.

In the V’s class yesterday, my IV’s teacher came in to run the festival piece with the girls going one more time before they leave Wednesday. She also teaches the Advanced classes and choreographed a few pieces for festival this year.The rest of us that were there got to watch, which was about half the…

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Today’s rehearsal was the first longer one of a large amount of future long days.There were many of the larger scenes all together, and it left for many things to be observed.I thought about how far I still have to go in dance. I thought about how far I’ve come. I thought about how far…

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The Royal Ballet does this cool thing where they’ll live stream a performance into theaters around the world, and somehow Corpus Christi is cool enough to be one of those theaters.The schools here are on spring break, so our studio follows their schedule for their breaks and scheduled ours this week as well. The showing…

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Sometimes I take a step back and think about how much I love being able to dance like I do right now. I get lost in thoughts of the future and plans on how I hope to improve and where I want to be as the years pass on. Then I remember. I’m twenty-six.I’ll be…

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Push the limits.

Yesterday’s class started off rough but ended on a high note. I’m nowhere near where I want to be in my training, and I know I have to work hard to get there. But yesterday it felt like all my flaws were screaming out as Ms. Lori and Ms. Munro were watching. I was embarrassed and…

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I think I’m really going to like Tuesday’s class. Ms. Alex knows just how to kick our butts and really work our technique to get to those muscles that are pivotal and sometimes neglected.I left class sweating like a pig and excited for the next time we have class. Most of my thoughts on the…

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Movin’ on up.

This weekends rehearsals went fairly well. We had Winkie Guards on Friday and Saturday and Crows on Sunday. We learned a few more scenes for Winkie Guards, so we’re getting some progress done. Yay progress!There was an unknown Winkie Guards solo they were casting during auditions that we only found out about this weekend. And…

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“Bear ye one another’s burdens, and so fulfill the law of Christ.”Stay with me here.I’m not trying to throw religion in your face or anything, but this scripture I memorized as a child further emphasized my point I’ll be trying to make in this blog. Yesterday I was texting with a friend who is facing…

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Ballet is all that keeps me breathing. But seriously.

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