It’s heart.

In the V’s class yesterday, my IV’s teacher came in to run the festival piece with the girls going one more time before they leave Wednesday. She also teaches the Advanced classes and choreographed a few pieces for festival this year.
The rest of us that were there got to watch, which was about half the class.
We lined up at the mirror to face them with excitement to see what was bound to be a beautiful dance.
Before they got started, Ms. Lori asked the rest of us, “Who all is in Wizard of Oz?”
We raised our hands.
She said, “It’s looking really good! Your expression is so serious, what are you called?”

Everyone got a little confused, because most of them are Emeralds or Poppy’s or both, or some various trio or duet or character and most are supposed to have pleasant looks on their faces.
Then someone said it, “Winkie Guards.”
She was talking about my group.
But I was the only one in the room from that group.
So I thanked her and expected her to say something towards the Emeralds as well since they were also at Sunday’s rehearsal.
But she didn’t.

I don’t know if she just didn’t see it, or if she was really that impressed with us Winkie Guards, who it seem have had nothing but critiques on our lack of character and focus.

The girl sitting next to me is one of my friends in the Crow’s dance, and she made some joke about the Emeralds just kind of being there and I said, “my time has come!” and threw out my arms dramatically and we laughed.

It made me happy.
It shocked me a bit.
To be in a room full of some of the best dancers in our entire company and studio and to be the one complimented.

I guess what they say is true,
Technique can only take you so far. It’s heart that really matters.


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