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Started ballet late October of 2011 at the age of 23.
Began pointe training late August of 2013.

Kids these days. 

I had my appointment with the surgeon for my back on Friday. It was a 2 1/2 hour drive up there and equally as long back. The surgeon spoke to me for ten minutes, where he told me how I was too young and my body could fix itself still and how if I were…

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Bailando International Dance Festival. 

My first dance teacher, Jilissa, puts on an international dance festival annually. It’s hosted at our local university, growing and improving every year. They have three nights of performances, Thursday’s and Friday’s being adjudicated for the gala performance on Saturday. Companies come in from all over to perform as well, and the adjudicated performances are…

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It seems that every time I find a picture to post on Instagram, I go to write the description, but it becomes such a novel that I backspace as I remember, “I have a blog for that.” Instead of leaving you with a super long description, have a new post! I had written about how…

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Live A Great Story

I started this blog about five years ago, shortly after beginning ballet classes as an adult beginner.  It’s mind blowing to think of how much life has changed since then, even though it really doesn’t feel like it’s changed much at all.  I’ve grown. I’ve learned.  I’ve began accepting this life that is mine, even…

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Nutcracker Cast List 2017

People have asked me how it feels coming into nutcracker  season this year.  Usually I’m gearing up along side the other dancers to tackle auditions, wait for the cast list to come out, and begin rehearsals. Then there’s the costume fittings and photo shoots and everything else that goes along with it.  How does it…

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Happy birthday. 

This year has proven to be quite the challenge.  One of my classes is already closed, having 16 girls enrolled. They’re super cute and love being there, but they also love to tell stories as most five year olds do. I have to figure out how to keep it fun, but also keep them focused.…

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It’s the little things. 

My apologies for my semi-silence. Life has been pretty intense and all of that has been escalated by Hurricane Harvey.  Quick update on that to get it out of the way, we have been working every day to try and get our lives back together. Having to sort through our house, barn, and three storage…

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Harvey update. 

My dad and I got back to the house on Saturday to try and get generators hooked up before the freezers defrosted. We thought we knew what to expect, but I really don’t think there’s any way to prepare you for anything like this.  We couldn’t get in through the back door of my parents…

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Hello Hurricane 

I’m currently in a loaded down truck with two dogs and my Dad heading out of town. Hurricane Harvey is going to make a direct hit on our little town, just north of the city where my studio is. We originally were going to ride it out but things got worse and we had time…

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