Category: grateful

Let’s try it. 

Yesterday started off not much better than the day before. My brain was fuzzy and I felt out of my depth. I know it’s the 6 class and many people say I’m more than capable, but yesterday I was feeling my 5. There were bits I was terrified over but still tried. So that was…

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Nutcracker Rehearsals

Yesterday was our last rehearsal before Thanksgiving break.Sean wasn’t there, so I just watched Rat Queen while Jessica and Greyson did it the way they would for Beeville. It helped me really get it into my brain. I think I’m confident enough now where I can just go for it and not mess up the…

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Work for what you want.

Yesterday I seemed to be struck with a new dose of determination.I don’t know where it came from,I’m not sure what brought it on,But I would be okay if this became a new normal. My legs felt like jelly in a way I can’t remember feeling in a long time. I wish I could do…

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