Month: June 2013


I went to dance class yesterday besides being sunburned to a crisp.People called me stubborn or ridiculous, but I knew I needed to be there.No excuses.Honestly, it helped me;having my knees so tight helped me to feel what I was doing wrong or right.On top of that, I’m glad that I was there to hear…

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Fuel the fire

In class yesterday, I noticed that I am now officially the only one not on pointe.Everyone else has been able to get their pointe shoes and are now beginning to work on learning everything over again on their toes.At first, it really bothered me. Them? How are they on pointe, and not me? I know I can do…

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We’ve had recital rehearsal the past two daysAnd I’ve realized that I want to dance.Yes, I know, I already danceBut I want to make this one of my main priorities.I want to be able to make it one of my main priorities.I love dancing, I love preforming, I love practicing, I love it all. I…

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