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Ms. Munro spoke to me yesterday.Asked me if I was okay. Asked how my knees were, mentioned how I never do jumps.I explained why I didn’t do them in class, but how I still marked and learned and can do them if needed. How in such a fast paced environment I tend to forget the…

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Swan Lake Casting

I’m not a swan.I’m cast, but I’m not anything exciting or impressive.I have many thoughts and feelings towards this, mostly of disappointment and confusion. But I’m trying to put those to the side for this post. (As “Fight Song” decides to come on my Pandora)I’ll make the most of it, like I do every time.…

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Nutcracker Casting 2015

The day is upon us.That fateful day when our Assistant Director walks in the door clutching the very thing dreams are made of.It also happens to be the crusher of dreams.For me, it’s just, “meh.” (Okay, not meh but way less exciting than for the younger girls.)(Or… so I thought.) If you have been following along…

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