When life is hard.

Recently in class, Jilissa has been working us pretty hard.
We’ve all gotten to the point where we’re pretty level  in skill, so she’s been throwing new stuff at us and really pushing us.
Before, I probably would freak out at the fact that it’s new and I can’t do it, but recently that hasn’t been the case. I would panic if I didn’t get it the first or second time. Then I would shut down and not be very productive for the rest of the class.
But now, I’ve realized that is all in my head.
The Lord sat me down last year and told me, “The Holy Spirit is the author of all creativity. And if He lives inside of you, what makes you think you can’t do the things I’ve placed inside of you to desire to do?”
And that put me straight on my face. Okay, makes sense, I’ll have confidence.

That was last year. Fast forward to today.
Jilissa throws these new and difficult things at us, and instead of panicking when things get difficult, I’m able to have a confident approach. I know that if I can’t get it the first time, that’s okay. I can just put it on the back burner and figure it out on my time. The point is that I try.
And when I try, I amaze myself at how much I can actually do.

Instead of looking at it and seeing all the negatives, seeing all the ways I can mess it up, all the ways that I don’t do it well, I look at it and see the possibilities.
I know I’m not awesome yet, but I know I’m on my way. And if I never try new things, I’ll never get there. If I never fall flat on my face, I’ll never learn.

So when life seems the same, when things look really difficult, or impossible, or hopeless. Don’t look at it and see all the difficulties that you’ll face, look at it and see all the positives it holds. All the potential.
Don’t get upset that you’re not where you want to be yet, find ways to be grateful for where you are right now.

You’ll get there, eventually, on your own time.
Until then, enjoy the journey.


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