New teacher

I absolutely love my Thursday class.
Ms. Lori has been subbing the Advanced Ballet class, so this last week was only our second time to have her teach us.
She’s so down to earth and kind, she’s human and accepts the fact that we are as well.
She doesn’t expect us to be perfect, but does expect us to do our best; that’s how we learn, and if we knew everything, she wouldn’t have a job.

You can just tell that this is what she loves; she loves the art, and she loves the people that encompass the art. What more could you ask for in an educator?
(Bonus points: she knows Jilissa. I was blown away by her empathy towards us in our first class.)

At the end of class, she got us all together and really expressed her heart for this art form. She told us how special it is that we get to be a part of something like this. It takes athleticism, but it also requires artistic ability. People can paint, people can play a song, people can do all these things but dance is the thing that requires you to become your art form. I read a quote yesterday that expressed how it’s the art form that doesn’t leave you anything tangible, just that feeling you get when you are in the moment.

I think that’s another reason I love it.
The history, the artistry, and that fleeting moment of tangibility you dedicate all this time and effort to achieve.


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