I’m beginning to go crazy, not having dance classes. My body is angry about it and my muscles are protesting.
But I’m using the time to see some friends and get things done. So that’s nice.
(And still remaining active. It helps that I’m cat/dog sitting most of the time so I actually have floor space to work on stuff. Score!)

I had asked Ms. Lori before about the possibility of private lessons this summer. She was all for it, so I waited until after recital and her graduation to mention it again. Turn out, it’s looking like her schedule may not allow for it (which I actually felt might happen) so she’s gonna keep me updated.
My next choice was to ask my friend Abby (the Wicked Witch, Abby) if she would be up for it. I don’t even know if she offers them or would be willing, but I do know she is one of if not the most qualified teacher in our area (after Ms. Lori, I’d think) and the fact she’s my friend would help. Plus, she’s very understanding of the adult ballerina challenges, and we have gotten to know each other through this. She said she would be thrilled to work with me, so private lessons this summer are looking to be happening!

I really want to do these so I don’t drown in the V’s next year. I’m taking the intermediate classes this summer, which include levels II-IV, so I’ll be on the upper end of it. But I think it’ll be good for me to have the basics and really work on them; and more than likely learn things I was just never taught, but assumed to know. (Plus, Abby may be teaching some of them, so that’s extra exciting!)
I know Abby is a no-nonsense teacher. She will push you toward greatness, but will also take into consideration all the stupid issues my body is throwing at me. She knows the balance and won’t let me make excuses.
I trust her.

I’m hopeful and excited that this could be really good for me. I may have to get some Grishko’s until my Capezio’s come in (projected date of August?) since they take longer to make and I didn’t get the order in when I really wanted/needed to. No worries. The dance store here should be able to accommodate. (I hope, at least.)

I’m nervous for summer, but only because it’s new. I’m sure I will love it and miss it when it’s over.
One thing I know for sure is that I just want to be back in classes.

Since I’m missing it so much, enjoy some more pictures from Recital.

I know I’ve posted some of these already, but oh well.


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