Went back on my bucket list blog and read a few entries.
Found this one.

Not sure if I had this one written down.
I know I did before, but I technically already achieved it then
But now, I’m feeling pretty accomplished that I’m doing this again.
Cause, in all reality. It’s scary.

I signed up for ballet class.

I’m really excited at the possibilities this could hold
Of actually finally being able to stick with it and accomplish my dreams of doing this.
But I’m terrified at the same time.
I have no idea what to expect
I’m not really sure if I’ll be doing everything right

But, the end result is worth pushing past the fear.

I’m beyond grateful for Lucinda Rico, who is answering my million and seven questions and helping me feel a little more easy about this.
I’m praying I can continue to afford it.

I’m just praying a lot.
I need to refocus.”

And to think of how far I’ve come. In less than three years.


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