You’re only as good as your foundation.

Yesterday everyone seemed to be off on their pirouettes and plies. So, of course, Jilissa worked with us on them.
She went on to tell us the importance of getting a good plie to be able to get around in your turns, or get distance in your traveling steps. If you don’t push into the ground, then you won’t be able to do things the way they were intended. We often just keep our heels off the ground–whether it be out of laziness, the tempo being too quick for us, forgetting, or any other number of excuses. It doesn’t matter.
We’re only as good as our plie.
The plie is the foundation of these moves. If the foundation is shaky, everything else is affected.

Where is your foundation?
Is it in people? Only to get shaken when they fail you and let you down?
Is it in your ability? Only to crack when you find yourself inevitably falling short?
Is it in things? Dependent upon creations that eventually malfunction?

Or is it in Christ Jesus? The One who will never fail us. The One who never leaves us. The One who wants us to succeed more than we want to. Our Peace, our Protector, our Joy, our Motivation, our Deliverer.
If you build your foundation on the solid Rock, then you’re sure to stand. You won’t be shaken when everything around you seems to crumble.
Your foundation will be sure, and upon it you can glide beautifully through all the other moves life has.


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