Uncomfortable strength.

I swear, it’s like Jilissa knows that’s she’s speaking straight to my soul as she gives us these analogies.
During yesterday’s class, she challenged us and explained how we’re not going to improve unless we’re willing to try things we never have before. If we don’t bring our leg higher in arabesque, it’s never going to get higher. If we never develope higher, it’s never going to improve.
She told us, “You have to get it to a place where it’s uncomfortable. Not push to far to where you hurt yourself, but you have to constantly push yourself farther.”
Then she looked me straight in the eyes as she scanned across the room as she said, ” If you’re not willing to be uncomfortable, you’ll never get stronger.”

Cue where my life is right now.
Everything is uncomfortable. Everything is uncertain. This has become all too common for me, but still difficult to digest. And yesterday, I had been loaded with information of potential things to happen that just makes you step back and kinda take it all in, and it just kept coming after class. So much happening all at once, so much change. I have to decide if I’m going to keep myself held up in things from the past, or if I’m going to let go of each day as it ends and keep pushing forward.
This is difficult, because there are so many beloved memories in the past. But the time is coming to where I have to leave them to just memories.
This is a journey, and I’m not yet at the destination. That being the case, I have to keep going. The journey is continuing. I’m along for this ride of life.
And it is indeed a beautiful one.


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