Too far ahead.

Jilissa pointed out something in the beginner class that really made more sense in the advanced as I found myself falling prey to it.
She noticed that when we are trying to do a combination that has components we either aren’t familiar with or aren’t confident in, we tend to lose what we already know.
We turn our foot in on a glissade, we do our pas de bourree the wrong direction, we forget to plie.
These basic building blocks that should be what keeps us stable through the unknown becomes what falters in our fear.
She told us we’re looking to far ahead.
We’re worrying too much about the step we don’t know coming up, that we lose the steps right now that we already know when if we would just get through what we know; a. it looks better, and b. it makes the unknown easier to execute  and more understandable.
This reminded me of ways the Lord has handled fear I’ve come to Him with.
I get so worked up over things in the future that my panic affects the now. Instead, if I would just keep myself calm and worry about the future when it gets here, I’ll realize all the panic was for nothing.
I’m not there yet, why would I waste the time worrying about something that’s not even in front of me yet?
I can take it on when I get there, and more than likely everything will work out just fine.
I’ll be smarter, I’ll be stronger, I’ll have more confidence.
I’ll be just fine.

Do the moves I know that are in front of me, and when I get to the new I’ll be in the right position to face it with an outcome of success.


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