I think one thing that draws me to ballet is the history behind it.
To see pictures of ballerinas from the 1800s blows my mind.
Their pointe shoes look like mine.
There form is what I learn.
Their costumes are familiar.
The ballets they dance are ones I’ve seen.

It’s almost like doing ballet ensures immortality.
Not that you yourself are immortal, but that by being a ballerina, you become part of something immortal.

I love history, I love people’s stories, I love museums and seeing things that have more than I’ve been around for; things I didn’t get to live or experience myself. I am also vastly aware of how the life I’m living and the generation I’m in is just as much a mark in history as those that fascinate me.
I love when I can tie things from my own life to that of the past. When I find common ground between me in history. I especially love being able to step into a time warp of sorts and experience glimpses of life and times before mine.
It’s probably why I love taking dance pictures by the old buildings downtown.

I’m leaving my mark here.
I’m doing my dance.
I’m living my life.
The times I have now can never come back once they’ve passed.
I want to do all I can to remember and document and make the most of every ounce of this life.


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