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I just posted a super difficult blog post that I’ve been trying to write for a few months. I also thought about waiting until the summer to post it, but feel that now is the best time. The details are there, but essentially this is my last year teaching. I also won’t be active on this account anymore. It’ll remain live, as will my blog, but I won’t be checking in on it. This has been an extremely difficult decision to have to come to, but it’s one I can’t avoid anymore. If you’d like to keep up with me, please feel free to follow my personal account @emileeayers or my poetry account @forthestranger (or my “nerd” account if you’re into that, @thenerdjacket ) I love y’all so much and am super grateful for the friends I’ve made over the years through ballet. Super proud of y’all and everything you’re accomplishing every day. (Thanks to Mrs Gigi for this picture from nutcracker this year. It’s super special to me.)
I’ll have a proper post after the trip when I can blog. I’m the meantime, please enjoy this photo of @ballerinakay that I am properly obsessed with. ❤️
Two years ago today, I met @allie_on_pointe in person! In NINE DAYS we’re going to London together! I truly cherish the friends being in the dance world as an adult has given me. ❤️
Caught the train, heading back to hogwarts. See you witches (and wizards) there!
The dance season started up this week! My classes started today, and I wrote a blog post about it. Now I’m gonna go sleep. Link in bio
I was at a Harry Potter convention this weekend with my best friend and had an unexpected ballet encounter. I wrote about it if that’s your sort of thing. Link in the bio. 💛🖤

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Keep Fighting

Part of the journey is being confronted with a certain, extremely high, brick wall.
You have two choices when you reach it:

  1. Run.
    You can turn around and never look back. Give up and say it’s too hard. You made it that far, that’s something to speak of, right?
  2. Or, you can climb it.
Say you pick number 2. You begin your ascension, gripping the next brick you can reach and doing all you can to pull yourself up. But some of the bricks aren’t stable. These bricks usually begin as thoughts. “You can’t do this.” “Who are you kidding?” “Look at yourself. You’re nothing like you’re supposed to be.” “You can’t do this. It’s too hard. You’re too old. Just give up. It’s too late to start this, now.” “Everyone else is excelling so much quicker than you are. Why even try?” “You’re never going to make it.” “ooo, that’s uncomfortable, better not do that.”
Newsflash: If it was comfortable, everyone would be doing it.
This road we’re on, it isn’t easy. We’re gonna face these bricks that try and hit us in the face and make us give up. Don’t let them.  If you do, you’ll also find the bricks of regret. 
Keep pressing forward. 
You got this. You can do this. It may take longer, but it’ll be worth it.
Fight for what your heart is telling you.
It’s worth it.
It turns out, I didn’t rip my pointe shoes off and throw them out the window. Sure, I fought tears the entire class and slipped a few not-so-good words, but I didn’t walk out. I didn’t give up. I may have been weak this class–for whatever reason–but I didn’t give up.
I can identify this weakness, address it, and work harder next class.
I’m too determined to quit. 
In fact, I would think quitting would be more painful than enduring.
Keep Fighting.
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