Little milestones.

So, this may not seem like much to anyone else, but to me it was significant enough to make a blog post.

Jilissa was out of town on Monday, so we had McKenna subbing. I ended up having to go home early on Thursday due to unknown illness (no, not contagious.) and Monday I wasn’t much better. Not to mention that I’m going Saturday to try and find better pointe shoes. (These are the best I’ve had, but the toe really limits me.) I just took my pointe shoes off and decided to focus on what I’m already good at and improving on those things rather than try and challenge myself with more that takes away from those.
We were doing a decage combination in the center with arms that switched. It usually would throw me off, but I think this time it actually started to make sense. Usually I can’t grasp why this arm goes with that move, and why it seemed different, so I would just struggle through the combination and move on. But this time, I saw that this was the only arm that was different and it made sense.
I guess I was able to better excecute the arms, because McKenna even said, “Good arms, Emilee!”
This made me really happy, even though I completely flubbed them after she said that. Arms are something I’ve really been trying to grasp and improve on. I can’t always ask for clarification because half of it is just learning and knowing rather than being explained. But this shows me that I’m getting somewhere.

The thing about progress is that you don’t always see it happening. Progress is an act of faith; you have to believe that you’re achieving it even if you don’t see it happening. Then one day, all of a sudden, you look back and realize how far you’ve come. Progress is something that you don’t always notice happening, but if you have enough faith and hold on, you’ll reap the beautiful rewards.


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