Curtain Call.

Last night was our farewell to Instep Dance Studios.
Many of us swung by the studio to hug and sign a banner and take pictures and cry and Jilissa gave us different pictures and things from around the place… it was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done.
I got to keep one of the pictures we looked at in the hallway every day. Jilissa even signed it with some of the sweetest words ever spoken. (even typing this makes me tear up.)

Then, my sweet Sydnie got the sign that inspired a blog post from my first day of dance at Instep that inadvertently inspired this blog.

I can’t even begin to explain what this place means to me. It was the home I craved. It was the place of safety through all the tragedy I experienced in the last almost 3 years. I helped me heal from that and previous tragedies. It taught me confidence and kindness and numerous things to make me a better person. (I mean, just read through the blog.) It taught me how to dream again, and to make goals and not give up until I achieve them. I learned that anything is possible and everyone is deserving of love and a chance. I’ve learned that family isn’t only blood, but a unit of people connected by a greater cause, encouraging each other and being there through the difficult things life throws at us, as well as celebrating successes. I’ve made life long friends and been inspired by so many.
There literally aren’t enough words to express everything my heart holds toward such a wonderful place.

Instep Dance Studios has made me a better person, something I will carry with me the rest of my life.
To the outside, it’s just a studio, it’s just dance, it’s no big deal.
But to those of us that were lucky enough to call this place home, we know better than that.We get to carry with us something that most people never get to experience in their lives.


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