That one time I was interviewed for a newsletter.

Yeah, that happened.

My friend over at Introvertology asked to interview me on what it’s like to be an introvert in the field of photography. 
It was pretty cool, and you should check it out!
She also asked about dancing, so if you haven’t already clicked the link, do it now. 
This has never happened to me before, so I’m kinda geeking out.
Thea, the wonderful lady who runs Introvertology, found me on twitter when I hashtagged something as #introvert. It was under a different name at the time, and I looked at her posts and thought they were pretty great, so I gave her a follow. (Wonderful marketing skills, right there.)
When she decided to change the name, she did a little survey on which ones some of us liked over others. Now Thea has a really amazing newsletter going and a website. Even an introvert book club and recommendations! It’s an introvert’s dream, really.
I love getting to see how far it’s come, and am honored that she asked to interview me. She was even patient with me when I had to jet off to Kansas to see my aunt before surgery and didn’t have access to the pictures to send her, and even more patient when my laptop crashed and I had to find other ways to get to my pictures. 
If you’re an introvert, I suggest you give her a follow! 
Introverts unite, separately! 

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