Ballet/Pointe IV’s

As I’ve said before, I love Ms. Lori.
In case you didn’t hear it enough, I made an entire blog post about her and how wonderful she is.
I think it would be safe to say that she is the leader of a class that is full of wonderful and talented people. When you get all of us together, it’s almost like magic.

I have said before how Ms. Lori has mentioned that the class possesses something so special that she is telling her friends about it, and she brought it up again yesterday.
Even now, I’m struggling to find words to describe what this class possesses.

There was a point at the very beginning of barre where we did a combination and held it at the end and when we finished, one of the girls shivered. Ms. Lori asked if she was cold, since it was like an ice box when we first got in there and she said, “No, it was just, I don’t know, something about that. We were all together and it was just, beautiful.”
This was just at the beginning of barre.
It wasn’t working on recital, or doing some grand thing in the center. It was just barre; the most basic of ballet repertoire. (Granted, the most important.)
Ms. Lori commented again on what this class means to her, “I talk about you guys. It’s like there’s some kind of magic in this room.”

And there is.
There’s something about this group, that when we come together to dance, magic happens.

We may not be the best, we may not be the most advanced, but there’s something binding among us that creates a bit of magic that is near-tangible.

Honestly, I don’t want this dance year to end. I don’t want to leave this class. I don’t want to get to the next level and have the lax habits of some of the other girls infiltrating what we have.

I want these girls to hold on to what we have, to know that they are capable, to try without fear of opinion.
And maybe that’s it.
Maybe this group is so special because their minds are still pure.
What I mean to say is, the world hasn’t gotten in and convinced them that they can’t.
That their efforts aren’t enough.
That it’s pointless to try.
That they aren’t going to get anywhere.
These girls still dream.
They dream and work hard and improve.

When everyone was putting on their pointe shoes, Ms. Lori was making comments about the recital piece and how great it’s looking and how we’re ahead and almost done and it’s only January.
I said, “I love this class. This is the class that makes me want to dance.”
And she said, “This is the class that makes me want to teach.”

I can’t tell you what it means to be a part of something that makes someone feel that way.


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