I had to leave church early to get to rehearsal, then went straight back after rehearsal for our building dedication. 

There’s a missions conference that’s been happening this weekend, of which I have missed most. But the missionary who spoke this morning made a good point. 

He’s a very real person, and he preaches along those lines. He’s been to some very dangerous places, and places he never expected to be–after all he didn’t think he’d be a missionary. He was a pastor. Shut down his church. Moved to Africa to open a bible school. But he’s obedient and spoke of how God fulfills His promises when we’re obedient. 

He doesn’t worry about being politically correct. He said “freaking” which could ruffle some feathers, but he didn’t care. He’s one of my favorites. 

Anyway, at one point he was talking about something God spoke to him when he was in the Ukraine, surrounded by the mafia. That the relationship God had with Jesus when He was a man is the kind of relationship God wants to have with us. That we are the ones who put the limitations on. He said that God isn’t doing all these amazing things (he began talking about the universe and how much more vast it is that they have discovered over the years.) just to prove to us that He’s awesome. He did it so we would want to get to know Him. So that we would see, and realize that He is HUGE and can do big things. That we would realize this relationship He wants to have with us, and in that realize this is all about people. 

It’s about God, and how good He is–yes, but it’s about people. God wants to know us. He wants to be so close with us. 

(Here’s the point of all that in relation to ballet)

I stood in rehearsal today, for my 20 second part in this ballet that I’ve worked so hard on thus far for a part I’ll probably never get to dance. 

I thought about how many people have told me how upset they are at this. 

I thought of how many people told me that I’m a good dancer, which is really nice because the casting can make me think that I didn’t get roles like my peers because I’m not good enough. But. That’s not necessarily the case. They help me see that. To not give up.

I thought of how Ms Munro complimented me at warm up yesterday and today. (Today being a warm up primarily made up of advanced girls) and I thought of how I’m still not this role in working hard for. 

And I thought of where I am and how this ballet plays into my story. And how in the world I’m gonna get through the rest of the season if it’s this hard already. 

And then one of my babies (okay she’s as tall as me, but still my baby) just hugged me. She is one of the sweetest souls I have ever met, and really she changes this whole experience for me from painful to having good memories.

I thought of the people who have encouraged me with this, most without even being provoked. 

And then we started learning our 20 second bit and my group of girls I’m usually in the same role as, but this time ended up not being (which honestly is hard. It makes me feel left out, even though I understand I am tall. And fit the costume. And it’s fine. I miss them) and they all cheered for me, like I was the greatest dancer. And it just made me feel good. 

And I realized that pastor, missionary man was right. 

This is all about people. 

It’s about being together. It’s about encouraging each other. It’s about being there for each other. It’s about the experience as a whole and getting through it together. 

The roles are nice. It’s nice to be recognized for your hard work. But. That’s not everything. 

It’s the memories were making and being in this together. 

So my phone is dying and I’m just gonna end this post there. But realize, whatever life hands you when it’s favorable or not, it’s about the people more than it’s about what you see on the surface. 

(Ms m thought there was a bug and was wondering what I was looking at. 😂)


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