Summer Classes, and new dance stuff!

Yesterday’s class was hands down the best I’ve had so far.
It was ironic, because it was largely made up of three-year-olds, but I think that helped in it’s own odd way. Plus, the two five-year-olds we had are the quiet and respectful two, so it worked out nicely.

Abarrane has proved to be a complete asset to the class. Having her presence there to help keep the kids in line is a large factor in the classes being so successful.
Abarrane, you’re the bomb. For real. Thank you for volunteering to help me this summer, and for being so great with the kids. I love having this summer with you!

It was also the biggest class I’ve had yet, with twelve kids all together. One of them was new, but you wouldn’t know it by how well she did. She is very intelligent and picks up really quickly. I really hope she comes back, we loved having her!
There’s a little one in the Wednesday class who tends to remember more of the proper names for things than the others. Yesterday, I was going with it to see how much she could retain and attempt. Home girl was even able to say works like “echappe” and “grand battement” without me saying them first. I was shocked. Plus, her legs are already perfect ballet legs. The muscle tone is sculpted, (as much as it can be for a 3.5 year old) her legs are slightly hyperextended, and her arches are beautiful. When she goes up into releve and gets to that full demi-pointe, it makes me want to cry at how beautiful it is. And she’s so nonchalant about it. I love it.

The kids are starting to grasp some of the things that seem more complicated for them, which makes me happy to see. They’re also getting better at following the rules, like staying in line and waiting their turn. This is harder with these younger ages as they aren’t in school yet and don’t have this kind of expectation anywhere else but in class. It’s great to see them understanding.

Overall, the class left me feeling really happy. And proud of these little ones.

Matthew taught our Adult Ballet, which made me really happy.
(And I forgot to get a picture again. Next week, Matthew.)

I was really glad because it was some of the stuff that you find in the basis of ballet that I am still really rough on. It gave me a chance to work on it without having to modify down or be obviously working hard on it. It was just part of the class. I appreciated that. He also explained where your weight is supposed to be in a way I had never heard before. From what points of the feet should be on the ground on flat and in demi, to where you should hold your weight in different positions, I found it helped me immensely. He also helped us with our spotting, which I always struggle with. I was able to implement corrections I have gotten from Mrs. Alex and Mrs. Munro as well about where I hold my arms and straightening my knee along with the spotting to better my pique turns as well as my pirouettes. I’m still working on my jetes, but I’m at least getting higher off the ground. Now it’s about working on getting the legs to split in air like they can on the ground.
A constant work in progress.
Matthew also explained the 8-corner system they use in Vaganova style teaching that completely rocked my world in the best way possible. Directions is something I’ve been wanting to better understand all year, and the 8-corner way of thinking helped some things to click. My mind was blown and my heart is grateful.

(Thanks for the great class, Matthew!)

I got my new Eleve in the mail and it is beautiful.


I didn’t get a picture of the back yet, but it is incredible. The colors work so well together, which makes me happy since it was sort of a shot in the dark. Typically id go with a blue instead of the pink, but I wanted to not go with what I normally do. And I love it.

It’s an Isabel style leotard. Here are the specifics

If you can see that top left corner 😂

I also got in my new skirt from Flic Flac, which I was a little nervous about because I hadn’t taken into consideration the over wrap length. But she makes them with a tie that has a bit of stretch to it, making it absolutely perfect. I was also nervous about the length, since skirts tend to not look so great on me, but this is the perfect length to show the muscle tone in my legs while covering up the necessary things. I dance without a skirt in the level classes, but in adult I fee the need to cover up a bit more. Plus I can. So.

I’ll definitely be ordering more once I have some extra money to do so. I hope it’s soon since they’re handmade and take a bit of time, as well as the shipping time from across the pond. But hands down my new favorite skirts.

(Check out her etsy page here.)

A great day indeed.

Abarrane helped me take pictures of me feet in shoes to send to the lady on the forum for evaluation on my shoes. I’m hoping to do that tomorrow or Saturday when I have some time.

I like that I’m excited about ballet again. A nice high among many lows.

Ps. Got a picture with my friend Sara! She came back yesterday for more 😊 it’s so great dancing with her again!


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