Find your center.

Use your center.

If I had a dollar for every time my dance teacher said this, I’d be a millionaire.
Your center-your core- is one of the most important things to engage in dance. If you don’t have your center,  if you can’t find it, if you don’t use it, you’re not going to look very graceful. If you can even make it through the combination.
I’ve been having a hard time recently. An identity crisis, of sorts. 
I didn’t feel like I know who I really was. I knew me, but I felt like the core of me had disappeared. 
One of my closest friends, Kristin, and I went to go see our traditional movie around Christmas. This year we went to see Rise of the Guardians.  
Oh. My. Gosh.
So good. 
It was actually her second time seeing it, and I can see why.
It has such a wonderful message behind it, and it played right to my heart.
What’s your point? What are you here for? What makes you tick? 
If you can find that, then you’re set.
I went to my parents church last Wednesday.
Wouldn’t you know it, they went on a “Jesus is at the center of it all” tangent. 
And it made perfect sense. 
He should be my center. He should be what defines me, what keeps me going.
I realized why it is that so many people feel they have a say in my life and decisions.
Because I let them.
I’ve been so concerned with not offending anyone that I had lost who I am.
I would tweak things about myself to better mesh with them and their personalities and lifestyles.
Nothing too drastic or life altering, per se. I didn’t do drugs or sleep around or anything like that, but it affected me nonetheless.
I need to find my center. What makes me tick. What makes me who I am.
No one can define it for me, and if I rely on that I am setting myself up for failure.
I can hold people and things close, but I have to remember that it is indeed all temporary. 
And if I was to lose everything I know and love, I can’t let it break me down.
Sure, it would hurt and it would be an adjustment. But I can’t let it break me.
This dance we call life. It’ll look a whole lot better if we find our center and engage it. 
Life makes so much more sense and is more enjoyable now.

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