Summer classes

Okay, so this isn’t really anything I’m learning, but it is something I’m really excited about!
Jilissa told us today what to expect for the summer classes.
Usually we’ll start a little earlier or go a little longer or something that changes it a little bit.

Today she told us we would start at 5:15 instead of 6.
That Beginner/Intermediate will be from 5:15-6:15
Then we’ll have a pointe class from 6:15-6:45
Then we’ll have advanced from 6:45-8

She then told us,
“I highly recommend you stay for the pointe class. Even if you’re not on pointe yet, but you’re working towards it. It’s going to be a lot of releve’s and strengthening exercises. It’s going to be really good. And every single one of you in here can stay for the advanced class. I want every single one of you in the advanced class.”
wait, all of us? We can all stay?
I can stay for advanced?!

She then went on to tell us that it’s going to be a lot of hard work and really going for it this summer. Summer’s tend to be a little more intense and really good for challenging and bettering you.
I’m really excited. My goal is to get on pointe by fall, but I know if that doesn’t happen, then it’ll be okay. I don’t want to get on earlier than what I’m ready for. But she was making a lot of eye contact with me, so I know she knows I want this. And the fact that she’s changing the classes to do these things that are going to help me so much, I’m PUMPED.

I’m really looking forward to summer 🙂


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