Next level.

My dance teacher said something during a discussion that made my night.
She got us all together at the end and was expressing the importance of us all being there. We need to learn the recital piece, and even for those few of us that are always there, having people missing hurts us all. It holds us back when we have to go back and re-teach.
She was telling us how the 6 year olds are doing better than we are, and how we should be the best dance next to the advanced ballet one. That’s when she said it.
“Every single one of you in here are intermediate ballet. No one in here is beginner anymore.”
My heart beamed with pride.
I love ballet. I love it so much.
My heart is so full when I dance.
I know summer is going to be intense, and difficult, but I am so excited to get to do it all.

❤ ❤ ❤


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