We had a sub for last night’s ballet class.
She’s my favorite, and I haven’t had her in a while.

Some of the other girls laugh at her, because she’s so eccentric. She gets into the roll every time she dances, even just in practice.

I, personally, think she is wonderful.
She keeps it light-hearted. She knows where we’re coming from.
She also keeps the combinations simple for the sake of technique. She’d rather us not have to use all our energy on trying to remember and rather focus on the details of the movement. She goes around and pokes and prods each of us to help us become better.
She has a way of wording her corrections that helps me understand the movement better.

Don’t get me wrong, I love Jilissa.
But a change of perspective is wonderful every once in a while and really helps you grasp what you’re doing.

This post isn’t very eloquent, but I couldn’t not post about Ms. Polly.

Oh, did I mention she’s in her 60s, broke her hip in July, and was teaching class a mere months later??
she’s so hard core.


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