The easy way.

“Our bodies naturally want to take the easy route. It’s part of our human nature. You have to fight this.”

Jilissa was talking about the horrible habit that can plague us dancers of stepping out of our turn-out during a combination. I’ve seen it when doing a glissade into anything. I’ll land the glissade in fifth, then the front foot will turn in before going into the next step. It’s horrible technique, it doesn’t do anything for you, and it looks terrible. But something in our thinking tells us that it’ll help us remain stable or whatever, instead of pushing into the floor while extending and shooting energy out from our fingers, head, and toes.

But isn’t that just like us? We want to take the easy route instead of working hard for what we want. We compromise and end up settling instead of sticking it out and fighting for what we know is right.

Rise up.
Stick it out.

It’s. so. worth. it.


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