We had our 8th annual Recital this past Saturday.
I am beyond amazed by the talent in our studio, and also by the kindness in the people who attend there.

Sadly, many of our beloved teachers and students are leaving, so Saturday was our last day dancing with them. All for various reasons: some graduated and are going to college, some are moving, some got married, some are starting theater companies in Austin (oooo, you fancy!)
Regardless the reason, it was an emotional day to say the least. Tears were everywhere and pictures were being taken furiously to immortalize such a moment.

I took a step back and thought,
“How wonderful to know we have had such quality people in our lives that would warrant such an emotional response upon their departure.”
(no, I don’t always sound like a crazy linguist or something when I write.)

But really.
It’s sad to see them go, even when we are so proud of and excited for them. But it is a wonderful thing to know that we were able to call them ours, to have had them as a part of our lives while we did.

So now, I will hold more tightly to the ones I still have.

Who knows what tomorrow holds?
Make the most of every moment.


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