Couldn’t have said it better.

From my fellow adult ballet friend, Lillian, on her ballet blog

Three Ballerinas Walk Into a Barre?

Three adult ballet students walk into a Level IV ballet class and sit down at the barre. 

The teacher says to the class that we will get started in just a few minutes. The three adult ballet students start to stretch and get ready for class.A young girl walks over and says “So,are y’all like real ballerinas, then?” and the three adults laugh and say “WE WISH”!

True story. We must have looked very convincing. It was a great class. 

It was pretty much the greatest thing.
We had this girl in class the week before, even. And these girls are pretty good, too. The fact that she a.) realized I wasn’t in high school and b.) thought we were professionals completely made my day.
Needless to say, Thursday classes are my absolute favorite. The girls are starting to warm up to us, and I’m making friends 😀
One of the younger ones, Rachel, has taken to me. She is my first new “baby” at this studio, and I love it. Such a sweet heart! 
More about the technical ooey-gooey deep things on the next post.

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