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fizzielou on Summer classes have begun
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I entered this contest on Facebook through Capezio for a professional pointe shoe fitting, which includes the shoes and the works. They had three different opportunities from three different stores; New York, Dallas, and Austin. I entered for the two Texas ones, said a little prayer, and forgot about it.
A week or so later, I get this email from a Dianne with the subject line “Pointe Shoe Fitting-Dallas Texas”
“There’s no freakin’ way” was my exact audible response. My co worker thought something bad happened, poor thing.
I had somehow won this contest.
This has to be a gimmick, right?
There’s no way this is real.
I called Dianne, she got my contact information, and I set up the date with Anne yesterday.

So, I’m drivin’ to Dallas on September 27th for a pointe shoe fitting at the Capezio store in Dallas.
And I. can’t. wait.
This is exactly what I need, I think. Someone who knows what they’re talking about to look at my feet and see what I need.
Yes, I have to pay the gas, and drive 7 hours there and 7 hours back, but the shoes are free, which about the price of the gas, and the experience is really priceless, plus I get to see a dear friend from Bible school.
Totally worth it.

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