Oh, Barbie.

“I trip and stumble again, again
(again and again)
But at least these steps are mine”

Oh, Thanks Barbie in the Pink shoes
Yeah someone on Instagram posted a ballet picture (she has a ballet instagram I follow. This sentence really sucks. I could word this better. Oh well.) And in the caption she said if you’re having a hard time to look up the Barbie in the Pink Shoes song.
I have the movie. Unashamed to admit this fact. I remember hearing the song and choking up.
So I looked up the lyrics. And BAM.
Then my best friend came by work to drop off my Christmas present and she needed to borrow purple leotards, and part of the present was a Barbie Sugarplum Fairy ornament.

Oh, Barbie. How you can be an odd source of encouragement.


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