Ugly Ducklings.

As I’ve mentioned before, the other covers and I decided to form a squad to help us get through the fact that we’re all a bit disappointed to not be swans. We’re getting shirts made, and I told them we’d have a sleepover at my house all together.  

We had picked tonight as the Ugly Duckling night, but a few girls couldn’t stay over so we decided to see a movie that way whoever couldn’t stay over could still be a part. Turns out no one could stay over, so the movie was a great idea, haha! We also invited Ileana and Emerson, as our voted and elected mascots. When we planned the Ugly Duckling day, it felt weird not having them a part of it. They’ve been nothing but supportive and inclusive to us the whole time, they never make us feel lesser. They’re our friends. We’re proud of them and they’re proud of us. 

Emerson was able to meet me at the studio to ride with me, but before that she helped me with the baby class I usually assist with. Mia, whose the teacher, had to sub the class in the other studio so I taught ours tonight. It was so helpful having Emerson as one of the more rambunctious kids was there. Overall it went well, and we had a great time. They’re such a hilarious group, and really help remind you of why you love to dance. To them, you’re the greatest dancer in the world. And they’ll tell you. (Especially when they want to be the line leader, haha!)

Turns out Isabel couldn’t make it, but the rest of us could. We saw Zootopia, which I had seen previews for but wasn’t really sure what the story line was. I knew it had animals, and sloths, and would be a safe bet for the younger girls as well as one the losers would enjoy. 

Turns out, it was the perfect Ugly Duckling movie. 

It was all about being told you’ll never be able to be what you dream, but that if you work hard and never give up it will be worth it. 

We got into the theater a bit late, due to the long popcorn line, so finding six seats together was difficult. We found three and we’re gonna split us up three and three, but then a nice couple moved over to make four and we fit 6 of us in the four chairs–quite comfortably I might add. Perks of being dancers I guess, haha!

Overall we had such a fun time. I was so glad we were all able to have this time together. These girls are what make Swan Lake for me, and I can never express how much I appreciate them. 

We also ran into a few other people from the studio, which was fun. 

Life has been crazy and stressful and hectic, but tonight had me smiling til my face hurt. For no real reason other than being around these girls makes me so happy. I found myself still smiling when I was half way home. (Ya know, 20 minutes after I left them.) 

We didn’t get together and complain about the injustice. It wasn’t weird having the two swan “mascots” among us. It was just a fun time with our friends. And I don’t think I’ll ever be able to express how much tonight meant to me. 

These girls are what it’s about. Doing what you love, with who you love, simply because you love it. Supporting each other no matter the outcome. These are my cheerleaders, my support system. I have others as well, but these have a truly special place in my heart since we have been together since I came to this studio. I’ve watched them grow as dancers and as people (and, let’s face it, they’re getting  taller too) and I’m so proud of what I see. 

They make this whole experience worth it. 

(Thanks, girls. I love you so much.) 

My ducks 🙂 


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