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New blog post is here—complete with pictures!
Last week of classes. There’s a new blog post about it. These were some of the gifts I was given. I’m dog sitting (peep Marble in the background) and was also given a chocolate mint plant in a pot painted by one of my sweet dancers that’s not pictured since it’s at my house, but seriously I have some of the sweetest kids (and moms!) I’m so grateful. ❤️
I saw Dracula this weekend, put on by my company, and wrote a blog post about it! Link is in the bio Thanks, @haeleighkathrynmae for sending me pictures since my brain was gone and I forgot to take any 😂
Not supposed to be doing these but 🤷🏼‍♀️ I can’t remember the last time I attempted a turn, but I was teaching a 6 year old I’ve been doing privates with this year and decided to just give it a whirl. My feet were making such funny sounds it alarmed our office clerk 😂 Ps. My phone is finally replaced! I’ll hopefully have a blog update soon. Stay tuned. ❤️
Great Britain friends, were coming for you!! #Repost @allie_on_pointe with @get_repost ・・・ EXCITING NEWS!! 🤩🇬🇧 • • • If you missed my story, @anothernightatthebarreofficial and I are headed to London (and parts of England) in SEPTEMBER! (Prices were much better than going in May like we had originally planned) SO, if you’re around and want to meet up or take a class or see a ballet, let us know!! We’d LOVE to meet as many of you as possible while we’re there!! Also if you have any suggestions for our trip! We don’t have a whole lot planned yet exactly and as we’ve both been there before we don’t need to do all the main touristy things. #adultballet #adultballetgang #adultballetcommunity #adultballerina
There’s a blog post for you on this fine Friday evening! Link is in the bio. Love you all, and hope you’re all well! 💕

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Be good people. 

Recently in class, ive noticed something;

The dancers can generally be summed up into two types. 

There’s the dancers that make you feel crappy about yourself, and those that make you feel better about yourself. 

And no I don’t mean “make you feel better about yourself” in the sense of, you think they’re so terrible that they make you feel like you’re at least not that bad. That essentially puts you in the first category. 

What I mean are those people who are so kind and uplifting that you can’t help but believe them when they contradict your negative opinions of yourself. 

Recently I’ve noted both. 

Theres the girl next to you in class, giving off the air that they feel very confident in themselves, whether it’s warranted or not. The girl that pushes the boundaries and rules, seeing how much she can get away with. The girl who gets roles over you and you could be made to believe that she is better than you. 

And maybe she is. But even if that’s true, don’t let it hold you back from pushing forward and doing your best. 

Then there’s the girl next to you in class, silent in her dedication. Notably talented, but always striving to be better. Never letting it get to her head. The girl who would make you nervous to have a part of a dance with, but then you do and she encourages you as an equal, even though you know she’s loads ahead of you. Yet you trust her words telling you that you’re enough. That you look better than you think. 

I took a step back and thought about the person I was. I would hope it’s the latter, but realized that I too can dip into the former. We’re human, this can happen, but that doesn’t give us an excuse or the right to treat people poorly. Selfishness isn’t worth it. 

Mrs Alex is right. I’d rather be a good person than a good dancer, though I will strive to continue to progress in my dance as well. 

If you’re reading this and you’re in my class and worried that the first person might be you, it’s probably not. But let it be a reminder to you to be the best version of yourself. Not just for other people and to please them, but for you. Be kind, it’s truly simple. Work hard, set goals and meet them. Don’t walk all over people to make yourself feel better about yourself. Take the hits, celebrate the victories, do good things. 

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