Baby Ballet

I was an odd mix of nervous and calm going in to teaching my first baby class yesterday. It was one of the older age groups that I have, being the 5-6 year olds. I wasn’t sure how many I’d have or really fully what to expect, but it ended up being better than I could have hoped. There were 7 in class, 8 on roll so far. It’s almost inevitable that more will join in as the weeks go on, but this will give us a good start. I had two that were brand spanking new to ballet, which I find super exciting. One of them you never would have known had she not told me, she’s got a natural ability.

One of the younger dancer that will be turning twelve in a couple weeks told me she was going to be helping a Monday class. Since she’s there anyway, Mrs. Alex asked if she was interested. I told her I was jealous and that I want her for my class. When I got to the studio yesterday, her mom told me that she is going to be helping me on Wednesdays! I definitely did a fist bump. She’s the type that very mature for her age and a very good example, not to mention great with the kids. She’s not the type to get in the way or that I feel I have to watch as well, which I’m so grateful for. She’s a real asset to me and I’m thrilled to have her helping me!

I started the class off going over the rules and expectations. That there won’t be any talking unless it’s something I ask you to answer, ballet related, or if it’s an emergency. They stuck to it pretty well, getting a bit excited here and there, but nothing near the caliber I’ve had before. Overall, they did very well, and I busted out an old favorite from my previous studio–Slippery Fish–which was received with great excitement.

From there, I went into my V’s class. It was so great to see all the girls again, and to have a normal fall class, hopefully getting into the swing of things again. The girls were a bit chatty, but overall it was pretty good. The teacher we have for the class is really good about explaining things. Maybe she just says it in a new way, or a way I understand better, I’m not sure. But whatever it is, it sticks. I still have so much to work and improve upon, as I always will, but I’m grateful to have teachers that are there to help me continuously improve.

As of right now, I leave after Ballet (before the V’s pointe) and go into the adult class. I wasn’t originally going to take the V’s ballet, but Mrs. Alex pointed out that it’s the exact window between the babies I teach and Adult, so I might as well. Now I’m torn on if I want to keep doing this or if I want to stay for the Pointe class. After V’s, I was seriously considering staying, but then I went to adult and after it I couldn’t think of not taking the class. The struggle lies in the fact that I’m not doing pointe currently. I could do adult in my pointe shoes, but it’s so nice doing it on flat and just working on the basics. But I could still do it en pointe if I wanted, now I just have to decide.

I did like that I could implement corrections given in the V’s class’ barre when I was doing barre at adult. It being so fresh on my mind helped it to stick and helped me to get the feel of what I needed to fix. Ms. Munro taught adult, and she gave me a few “good!”‘s, and even saw a balance that I somehow managed to hold, commending me by name. She also gave me quite a few corrections, some of them even hands on, which I really appreciate. I have to figure out how to use my body and the base of everything I’m doing, so having these corrections and this time to really work hard on that is wonderful.

I teach another class tomorrow and two more on Saturday. I’m nervous and excited, but mostly hopeful that they’ll go well.


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