Back at it. 

It had been about a week and a half since I had been in class, and boy was I feeling it. You would have thought I had been out an entire summer, not so few days as I was.
I missed taking three adult classes, teaching four classes, and Nutcracker auditions.
While I was off running through four different states and a different country, I found myself getting sick in different ways than I’m used to. I’m still unsure if it was due to an environment change, or just everything that was different. I was sleeping 9-11 hours a night, and still exhausted. There were even two days I didn’t leave the hotel room at all because I was feeling so sick. Now I’m home, and it’s like my body knew it because the same ol’ sick that I’m used to was seemingly waiting for my return.
So weird.
Since I was gone, my Wednesday class grew by about five kids. We had 13 in class yesterday, and that wasn’t even all of them. I was excited, because two of them were from my old studio. I can’t tell you the joy it brings me to see them again and get to teach them again. Plus it’s fun because they know all the old songs and rhymes we did there that I incorporate in.
I was pretty impressed because the girls were relatively well behaved. I mean, there’s thirteen little ones running around the class, but really, they weren’t running. The “worst” I had was the over-zealous girl who wanted to do her own thing instead of following along, but even then most of the time she stayed in her spot and once I called her out she’d shape up, so it wasn’t terrible. (Though she tends to cut in line, so I need to remedy that somehow. Maybe make a leader chart?) They’re a really fun group, and I can’t express enough how impressed I am with how well they did in class. It’s hard to stay focused when you’re surrounded by your friends doing repetitive things. They make it so fun.
I usually go around a circle in roll and have them say their name and favorite something. This week I did favorite number, and boy was it hilarious. They are so much fun. They’re creative and silly and so very full of life, it’s enough for anyone to learn from if they just let themselves do so. And I get to be the one that teaches them ballet steps and hopefully also instill a passion for it. And if for some reason they decide not to pursue ballet, hopefully they’ll still learn what it means to be passionate about something and to work hard.
When I was in New York, one of the girls told me of their Harry Potter themed Pep Rally coming up and asked if I had anything she could borrow for it. Boy, did I! I was so excited, and grabbed some of my favorite Harry Potter things for her to choose from, including the wand I got to make in July. I brought it into the foyer where we wait for class to begin, holding the want, and all the girls who go to that school were freaking out. I’m not gonna lie, it was freaking great. She picked out her favorites and has been sending me pictures, and I swear I’m as proud as if I were her mother, or at least a cool aunt or something.
I mean, how freaking cute is she in that Weasley sweater?! 
V’s class went well. I do feel like missing a few classes and coming back somehow helps me reset my thinking. I focus on the things that are important and seem to improve more, if that makes sense. A break up in the norm helps you remember corrections and what you need to be thinking about. I really love this class. It’s full as heck, but the instruction is great and I really feel like I learn a lot. 
I’m debating staying for the pointe after or continuing going into adult. I love the adult class, more than words can say, but I need to do pointe if I’m going to keep up for shows. I could do adult en pointe, but it’s complex, really. I guess part of it is i get into my own head and then mess up more. I feel like wearing the shoes in that class comes with a certain expectation. Yesterday’s class would have been fine, but sometimes some of my classmates can be pretty intimidating. (Though incredibly kind.) 
Ms Munro complimented me on my petite battement while we were doing the combination, then when we finished said, “Emilee has a really nice petit battement!” And continued, “but your hand looks like this” and she held her arm in fifth with the pointer finger all wonky. It was hilarious, and I’m glad she said it, because I need to be more aware of both what me feet and my hands are doing. She also corrected my arm in arabesque. I tend to sort of wing my hand to the side, which isn’t cute, let’s be real. I need to think more about putting my middle finger towards where I want it to go. It helps your balance, even , having it all lined up correctly (imagine that! Haha) 
I felt pretty sick throughout class, but pushed myself anyway. I even did the petit allegro in fives and adult, though i need to get past the fear of pliéing more because it’s holding me back. It cutting my jumps short so I don’t pointe my toes as much as I need to, which will look even worse in pointe shoes. I have arches, but I need to get them stronger. I also need to work on not rolling in, and not forcing my turn out. (Among a million other things!) plus if I could just straighten my dang knee, it makes everything easier, instead of bending it slightly and making everything harder on myself. 
Nutcracker casting should be out soon, which will be exciting to get all that rolling again. I have to remind myself that rehearsals won’t be as intense as Swan Lake was, though it’ll be intense as rehearsals always are. I’m so excited. I miss them! Plus we have new people this year which is so great and really adds to the experience. 

I got to FaceTime with one of my dance babies who moved away last night, too. It made me really happy. 

The north is nice and I definitely prefer its weather, but it’s good to be home. 


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