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Teaching on my birthday is my favorite thing. Hi, I’m 30, and I gave full sized cupcakes to three year olds and I’m sure their parents hate me
Hi, it’s been a minute, new blog post. Link in bio.
Gotta get back to Hogwarts Gotta get back to school Gotta get myself to Hogwarts Where everything is magicooooool
Mischief Managed.
I solemnly swear that I am up to no good. #leakycon #leakycon2018
Y’all, check out my friend Baileys announcement!! I’m so excited for her and super pumped to watch this series she’s a part of! #Repost @catchingbreaths with @get_repost ・・・ The concept is simple: follow someone’s journey from surgery to stage. Showing the life of a mucus mutant. Showing the life of a bilingual Deaf family. Showing the life of a dancer and @companythreesixty dancers. It technically hits all the hashtags: #spoonie #deaf #adultballerina #bodypositive #chronicillness. It hopefully connects with many communities and provides another voice in the chorus of those wanting representation in media abound. It is positive: a positive network with a positive focus wanting to counter the negative swarmy troll farm that is most modern media to date. But... what if the concept becomes a reality? What if I show not just the recovery from latest rounds of surgeries... but the pain and swelling and funk between? What if I don’t fulfill some sort of diagnostic paradigm being that I am an Atypical diagnosis (and someone who hopes not to be defined by that anyways where I can)? What if we capture not just the invigorating process of putting together a show with women I ferociously admire and protect... but also, how totally messy dance life can be? What if we showcase a family that’s equal parts Deaf as hearing... yet our variable mix of signing, reading lips, caption and speech isn’t in keeping with what the world wants from us? Choosing to share our story has come with a lot of IFs... but we are braving it none the less. Although I can’t believe our pilot episode premiered TODAY and that I can finally announce the news... fear of judgement subsists. Can perspective, positivity and living an imperfect life as openly as possible actually be of benefit? The verdict is still out... but I’m excited to try. I’m excited to see. And I’m excited to get started.▪️Click Link In Bio To Watch The Pilot Or Go To:▪️#CatchingBreaths

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vtgem24 on It comes and goes in wave…
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Little things. 

Not many big, spectacular things have been happening that are particularly note-worthy, but there have been little things all around that honestly just make me smile. 

Things I have now that I know I won’t have much longer, especially next year once everyone has graduated and left me 😭 (okay, not everyone, but a huge chunk of people, and even some that have been with me since the beginning of this whole ordeal.)

I’m trying to soak in every good thing I have while I have it, even if it’s surrounded by some not-so-good things. Make the most of these days and recognize them for the gift they are. 

It’s the boring, mundane, common days that we can so easily overlook, but are the things we look back on teary eyed. It’s these things that are so easily here today and gone tomorrow. These are my golden years, and I want to enjoy them for what they are so I can look back and say I never wasted a second. 

Saturday was an extremely beautiful day, leading to a good chunk of us early birds sitting outside and basking in the slight breeze. A welcome change from the lingering summer temperatures. The laziness of the day continued when we first arrived in the studio, literally laying on the floor by the little block windows, basking in the morning sun like a group of kittens. Moments like those are my favorite. (Obviously as soon as people started showing up we started stretching and getting ready for barre, laziness only lingering so long before plies kicked it out.) 

It’s moments like arriving early to my class and getting to see bits of the class before me. Seeing these girls work so hard and improve right in front of your eyes. seeing them conquer things that are difficult for me with ease, partially because they don’t yet know to be afraid. 

It’s moments like when a friend who graduated walks in the door of the studio, there for the holiday and taking class with you again, making the world feel a little more right and hearing all their stories from the college life. 

It’s helping the newer girls with the faster combination and having a flashback to when you were the one needing help and the girl in the pointe shoes made it look so easy and wanting to be like her some day, only to realize that some day was now. And I’m not the best in the world by far, but to them I was possibility. How cool is that? I never want to forget how that feels or why I do what I do. 

Also Mrs Alex said my pirouettes looked good so that’s exciting, even though I couldn’t land it in fourth like we were supposed to, hahaha. 

So anyway. Yay ballet! 

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