Snow White rehearsals. 

We had our first rehearsals for the role I am as well as the role I’m covering this weekend. 

Since this is a new production, we haven’t really known what to expect or how things were gonna go. It’s not something we do every year and has now become predictable and it’s not something that half the cast has been in or had siblings that were in it or whatever. 

I didn’t even know how to pronounce the names of the roles I am, let alone what to expect for the role. I was looking forward to this weekend to find out details about it and really get a feel for how the show is going to be. 

First was the Weisse Frauen, which our director explained as (correct me if I’m wrong) being from German folklore. They were a type of guiding spirits of good fortune. So in our scene, Snow Whites mom has died and she is seeing her as a sort of ghost or whatever. Sheis our queen and we are sort of guiding Snow White to what she is to do next (which is where the dwarves come in.) 

I’m so excited for this role. The more we learned the more I loved it. It has such beautiful imagery and the costumes are going to be beautiful and everything about it makes me so grateful to be a part of it. It’s en pointe, and has a few moves I’m not super confident in as well as a lot of lunges and kneeling. 

Now typically, i would sort of mildly panic and just sort of give up on trying to even attempt these things, especially on my bad knee. But, this is my role. The director thinks I am capable and I trust her, so I have to push myself. I am really excited to see how I do with being pushed to a little past what I’m capable of and seeing myself rise to it. There are things I never thought I’d really be able to do but there I was doing it. Granted, yesterday we ran it all in flat shoes, so obviously that’s gonna mostly be easier than when in our pointe shoes. There is a lot of adagio with a section of petit allegro. I love adagio. I’m so excited. 

My muscles already feel it from rehearsal, but I’m so excited about it all. 

I’m trying not to let myself think about how crazy my schedule is, but instead just take everything one day at a time. Let today’s worries be today’s worries and tomorrow’s will be there tomorrow. 

Today we had rehearsal for the role I cover, Hoffraulein. One of the girls was missing so I was able to learn it in her place. 

Covering for this is so much easier than covering for Swan Lake. Most of these different sections are just repeats or different directions of what the other groups do. If you know one place, it’s just a matter of switching direction or timing of what you already know. 

This role is that of the Ladies in Waiting, so it’s largely around the time after Snow White wakes up and they’re decorating for her wedding to the prince. We’ve learned a good chunk of it, and it’s a lot of fun. There are bits that are a bit confusing or difficult to get on the right foot, but it’s definitely possible. We just have to think about it and work on it. 

It was such a fun dance to do. I’m really excited to see the whole thing come together. I’m really excited to be a part of it. In light of everything I wrote about yesterday, I just kept thinking of how much of an honor it really is to be in this show. I get to be in the dance that’s en pointe. Last show with this director that wasn’t the case. It feels great to know you’ve grown since last time and have found yourself in the same caliber as these other dancers you saw last time and wanted to be like them. 

It feels good. 

I’m determining to work hard on strengthening my ankles, even when I’m exhausted and don’t feel well. 

For some reason I haven’t had much of an appetite lately, which makes things complicated since I get sick if I don’t eat enough or often enough. I got sick four times this morning and was a bit concerned I’d get sick during rehearsal, but thankfully it waited until I got home. 

Now I’m switching gears to thinking with my work hat on instead of my dance hat. I’m confident I’ll be able to retain the choreography we learned when we run it next weekend. 

I’m excited. 


4 thoughts on “Snow White rehearsals. ”

  1. Congrats!! Sounds like it’s going to be beautiful! I’m really excited to read more about Snow White. I’ve done Swan Lake and Nutcracker but have never done Snow White. I know you’ll be awesome.

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  2. Also, I love adagio too. I don’t really love petit allegro. haha. I love slow, sustained movements. I feel so much more beautiful than if I’m going tiny jumps. Maybe that’s due to being plus-sized though, I dunno. I feel awkward when it’s fast. And, go figure, soooo many of my pointe numbers are fast. -_-

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